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LINK Judge blocks Indiana abortion ban on religious freedom grounds | Reuters

Wonder how this would fare in the Supreme Court - Fuckers!

OldMetalHead 9 Dec 3

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The dilemma in a nation filled with many diverse religions is which one to favor over the others. The very reason why there’s no mention of God in the Constitution is “which religion’s god?” Each of the Colonies had a dominant faith, but when uniting these Colonies under one flag, which faith should the Constitution favor? The answer then, as it should be today, is “None of the above.”


This will never hold up once it gets to the top court..

Because it's an illegitimate court

@OldMetalHead Well, that's what happens when one president, like Trump, cheats and gets to put three right wing Catholics on the court, in one term...

@TomMcGiverin Trump wouldn’t have had three appointments if it weren’t for McConnell, who blocked Obama’s choice of Merrick Garland in 2016.

@p-nullifidian A great example of why to get rid of the fillibuster, esp. since the Dems are never willing to play hardball and use it, unlike the Repubs...


Just shows that this is not a Christian nation!!’


It's a step in the right direction. If the Supreme Court doesn't overturn his decision.


The ACLU has it right. Not all religions believe that life begins at conception, therefore the abortion ban infringes upon the religious beliefs of others. This would make the ban illegal.

"Mine is the one true religion. All other religions are false religions."

@anglophone Pastafarianism?

@OldMetalHead I remember now: He boiled for my sins! 😉


This might be one small battle won, but the evil religious lunatics will fight to the death to win their unholy war on abortion.


Use a religious argument to foil the religious extremists: I love it! 😎👍

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