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The evil lying bastard that was George Pell is dead: [] . It's a pity there is no hell for him to burn in for eternity.

anglophone 8 Jan 11

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In the end, he got away with it. He was the highest ranking abusive priest, but far from the first, or sadly not the last.


What boils my blood is that people in positions of power and authority knew and did nothing to protect the children but did everything in their power to protect and allow the crimes to continue. If only I had my way.....

Betty Level 8 Jan 11, 2023

The whole rotten edifice that is the Roman Catholic Church relies for its continued existence on the fears, ignorance and stupidity of its adherents. 😟

@anglophone It’s more about ambitions, jobs, and stability. Lots of intellectuals in the church, as well, so I can’t go along with ignorance and stupidity. Thomas Aquino’s was not a light weight intellectually but he was afraid of god’s bad side.

@rainmanjr I was thinking more of the laity. I agree with your observation about ambitions, jobs and stability when it comes to the clergy. However, I hold both sides responsible for their joint failure (inability?) to engage in critical thinking.

My close encounters with those training for the clergy is that they are predominantly on the lower 50% side of the intelligence curve with notable exceptions.

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