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LINK A giant pink phallus may come to Florida, thanks to Jesus and an atheist

A giant phallus may be coming to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and if that happens, we’ll have Jesus and an atheist to thank.

A couple of months ago, the city hosted a Christmas tree lighting ceremony as well as a Menorah Lighting Celebration. Those were religious celebrations promoted by government officials, suggesting that the public square was open to anyone who wanted to host a similar event.

Enter Chaz Stevens, a local activist known for seeing an opening and driving a monster truck through it. He asked the city earlier this month for permission to host an event of his own on April 2 in honor of Kanamara Matsuri, the Shinto “Festival of the Steel Phallus.”

The centerpiece of that event would be a 300-pound, six-foot-tall pink penis.

He also told city officials that proceeds from the event would be “donated towards [AIDS] research as well as LGBTQIA+ awareness — elevating both artistry and philanthropic causes in tandem!” He also plans to hire a cop to protect his crown jewels.

snytiger6 9 Jan 15

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Watch conservatives scream. I want a front seat.


A very popular festival in Japan!


On the flip side...
Hey when do I get my vagina festival?
I want a six foot pink vagina everyone can walk through and be reborn! 🤣

Emme Level 7 Jan 16, 2023

It about time!

The fascists republicans and their maga death cult members will be watching more porn to compare their so called manhood!!!


Florida already has a giant pink phallus.[]

If you count DeSantis, they have at least two.


Neil to the plastic cock. A symbol of pleasure vs a Religious pain.

Neil doesn't take to plastic cock.


If you’ve seen both the R-rated and and the unrated versions of Margaret Duras’ movie The Lovers, you might have noted the unrated movie’s very brief display of the Chinese man’s phallus. That is (grin), I think I saw it.


Obviously a Jewish phallus symbol so it also has religious significants.

There's an extra charge for a removable headpiece.

@rainmanjr oh? & here I thought they removed it for the cheese snacks for the party. 🤔🤣


There is no (good) reason why they shouldn't let the festival go forward.


What a prick!!!😊

Buck Level 7 Jan 15, 2023
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