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LINK Teacher shot by 6-year-old says school was warned 4 times, announces lawsuit

I knew there was way more to this than just a 6 year old shooting his teacher.

I hope she bankrupts the District AND their insurance company.

And every adult that did NOTHING for hours, knowing there was a gun in her classroom should be fired, criminally charged and held accountable.

Aside from Uvalde, it's not often we're (the public) given the information regarding epic fails by those who could've acted but didn't. Here we have another example, and it's disturbing and disgusting. 😤

SeaGreenEyez 9 Jan 26

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Interesting, wondered what the background to this was. The kid sounds like a disturbed little monster. A cousin had a kid like that, had to be watched EVERY second. I mean, a parent usually was in school with him? Jesus. Reading this I conditionally have more sympathy for his parents, they might not be as negligent as I first thought.

And yes, sounds like the school's response was utterly incompetent. I mean this day and age cops are often called to school over utterly trivial problems ... multiple reports of a student with a gun and the cops weren't called? Sheesh.

The gun supposedly belonged to the mother so if letting your six year old get a hold of it and take it to school is not negligent I don't know what is.
The casual approach to gun ownership and use in the USA is appalling.


This story is disturbing on so many levels.


One would think, in today's world people in charge of kids would pay more attention. They will now.
Couldn't help but notice "On behalf of the family of the child, we continue to pray for Ms. Zwerner " So now the child is the victim??? Still, not word one about the mother.
After moving to this island my late partner took on a position as substitute. Later the Principal job opened up and she applied and actually got it, until things changed. Apparently parents in some school districts have oversized influence. They protested that my partner, a petite woman, could handle HS students. I suspect some parents were on the school board and they helped create the atmosphere that seems to prevail. They certainly had a hand in hiring someone who was clearly not qualified.

@SeaGreenEyez Thanks for the information. Stories are not always so obvious as many of us would assume. I wonder why the parents bought a gun in the first place and whether, in light of what's happened if they will keep it.

@SeaGreenEyez Maybe with all the threats and hate mail they get makes them want to get more guns.

@SeaGreenEyez My comment was about the parents. When people get hate mail and threats their natural tendency is to find ways of protecting themselves. Guns are a natural choice. I (or rather my ghost) posted several times about a study done in Germany about how owning a gun actually changes people. Guns often become a form of drug and once one has one they are more apt to use it for even minor issues. Most of the teachers I've known are not hard conservatives. Liberalism often is about education levels and teachers are more educated than a lot of people. My late partner was a teacher and was heads and shoulders smarter than the average person (and I'm not being prejudiced others have said the same thing).

@SeaGreenEyez For some strange reason I adopted learning and knowledge as a life's endeavor. I was, luckily, born with an eclectic mind with a lot of interests. Also, for some strange reason a lot of different experiences have come my way, to further learning and a lust for knowledge.


In some states, a six-year-old cannot be held legally responsible for any criminal act. That said, a six year old using a gun will get locked up, if not old enough for a juvenile facility (jail), a mental institution (I have seen kids as young as almost 3 (still in a diaper) at a mental institution).

@SeaGreenEyez I just looked and 25 states have dropped any minimum age for prosecution. A couple states go as high as 12. There are articles on how the conservatives are blowing that away - just one more way to crush the poor and the downtrodden. Force everyone to have babies and then lock them up for prison labor.

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