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Oliver Stone about Putin and the war in Ukraine.

Castlepaloma 8 Jan 28

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This is a good interview. I love how they don't talk over each other or try to define what Stone is feeling, intending, or saying. He does fine at pressing his point by himself. SoA is an empirical nation which has been at the forefront of global policy since WWII. BB's botched their job at ruling rather spectacularly. Being human it was impossible for them to do anything else. Being modern humans, raised on Christian dogmatism, they didn't really have a chance against that system but they briefly tried. In my view everyone has always meant well, in some manner, but all actions (not intentions) have equal and opposite reactions. Many actions/reactions occurring over a forty year span of time create too much complexity. Put it all down to "Good times and bad decisions" and move on from today with greater awareness of our own smell.


The feeling is like the US in his movie of Dr. Stranglove.

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