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LINK After affirming LGBTQ people, a Christian school lost donors and will shut down

Urban Christian Academy in Kansas City, MO doesn't have enough support to keep its doors open next year

snytiger6 9 Feb 8

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I am well and truly disgusted with all believers. They're ignorant and they suck.


More evidence that christians are some of the worst of humanity!


Of course not but it's their own damn fault. They're Xians, they should know better than to show acceptance for gays, or trannies, or queers, etc...

God hates all those kinds of people. No money for them!


Theists are full of hate. To see this fully you might have to have been one once like I was. The problem is that they do not know they are full of hate and get very offended if you tell them this. Just doing what the book tells them, they say.

They are beneath contempt.


My aunt was a evangelical bible thumper and when her pastor welcomed gay people into the congregation she left that church. She also made a point of explaining this to my daughter who my aunt did not know or care, is gay.My daughter was pretty inconsolable after the encounter. That aunt has died since that incident, but my daughter never forgave her.


What do you expect in the middle of the Bible belt?


I used to go by it, on occasion, and this is splendid news. BGLTQ wins having gained some recognition and the hole we call KCMO loses a Christian Academy.


It is all about hate. Without the hate, there's no enjoyment of kicking down.

(It's got to be tough waking up to the same semi-conscious trailer trash degradation.)

Trailer trash is a very offensive remark. Even though I live in a "mobile home" (hey, I'm not moving it around anywhere 🙂 ) I know others who live in trailers that I would not ever want to hang around with. This living arrangement became part of my lifestyle years ago and allows me to save money today.

@DenoPenno My apologies. Certainly no offense meant to you. I intended to use the term to express my disgust for the GQP mentality.

  1. Xtion school gone 😁
  2. Xtion school gone because it acted like Xtions are supposed to act. Sad 😔

The hypocrites are helping to destroy the church and continue to blame outside forces.


Just shows how much hate theist have for lgbt.

Or how much hate they have for change.


That's the problem with religion. When a certain dogma is pushed for years any slight change in that dogma will get many to flee. When the Catholic Church went over to giving mass in the vernacular people left. People say that when they follow a certain creed and then that creed changes how do they know whether the new creed is right or not. A lot of people didn't like having the mass said in a language they understood because it took a sort of magic and mystery out of the rite. Basically, people would rather be conned, into believing something rather than seeing it for what it is.

Many would rather be conned and enslaved.

@yvilletom And then blame others for enslaving them.

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