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LINK Mother arrested in death of stillborn baby: DA | WDHN -

Of course they say she was doing drugs. If this woman did do drugs, she wasn't offered any help or given her reproductive right to abort. She didn't have that choice and this is the result.

barjoe 9 May 25

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If she sought an abortion and it was denied, the state is at fault. If she took drugs while pregnant and did not seek an abortion, she is at fault. I'm not saying that she should be charged for murder, but she is responsible for the death of her child.

This is a different situation from a woman has a stillborn child due to health or other issues which were beyond her control.

Nature has a way to take care of damaged babies before birth, they are aborted. There may never be found a cause. Often they just happen.

@K9JetLee999 agreed--but nature does not always do its job. I am not clear how this relates to the issue at hand, though.

@Gwendolyn2018 saying she may be at fault. I wouldn't use those exact words maybe. There are just way too many contributions in nature to say she's guilty, and tho she may be guilty I would look the other way. Her body her problem.

@K9JetLee999 a woman who takes drugs during pregnancy is at fault. I have no issue in saying that.

@Gwendolyn2018 Some are so bad off they don't even realize.

@BufftonBeotch I understand that, too.


How exactly can a person kill a stillborn (dead )baby? They just saw a dead baby and arrested her for whatever crime they could make up?

The baby had fentanyl and meth in their system so she's hardly Mother of the Year. Still, to charge her with a felony is a bit much. It's sets a bad precedent. What's next busting women because they smoked or drank? Accuse women who miscarry? As I said, a drug addict like her should have had the ability to abort. I'm curious if she was a woman of color. Either way, I'm sure she was impoverished. Edit She's white. []

Addiction is a terrible thing.


The results of inadequate men being incapable of trusting women.πŸ˜”


There should be a mass exodus of women from red states. They are not safe, and change will only come about when and if this happens. We have power, women! I know this is not financially feasible for a lot of women. However, there are many, including myself, who would help someone relocate. An underground railroad, if necessary.

Call Jane.

All women, pregnant or not, are in danger in these states.

@Organist1 Grown men started to leer at my daughter and make comments when she was 8.
Yes she developed early but she was also obviously still a little girl.
Have actually heard men brag and boast and laugh with each other "Old enough to bleed old enough to breed."
And what woman hasn't held their keys like a weapon when walking at night?


There is a drastic need to change the law makers in this country....shame on the people that continue to allow these people to remain in office.

unfortunately, "shame" is not in qupublican vocabularies.

@AtheistInNC Once they openly said a little tiny ten year old girl should have been forced to give birth to her rapist uncle's baby.

I'm sure MORE than once.
We only heard about it once.

@AtheistInNC Many girls so young might be very isolated and a victim by family or neighbor and they have way to even have hope of help.


Typical of those giving priority to fetuses, the concern for the mother is immaterial, and she's blamed for an addiction as though she intentionally used fentanyl during the pregnancy. Whatever her story, she didn't deserve this.

It won't just be illicit drugs.
Soon it will be had a coffee, jogged, rode a bike, saw a horror movie and got stressed.

Every miscarriage will be investigated.

And some states want to track women's periods so they know the moment they might be pregnant.

@BufftonBeotch Some would say you're just too out there with the crazy - well I do not see your comment as that far fetched. As one group of elected officials continue to demonize the other (including women) there will be areas of this country where the brutality will be tolerated.

@BufftonBeotch I agree with @silverotter11, only I'll go one step further: their authoritarian goal is to ultimately make these federal laws that supersede any state laws, so there won't be anywhere in the US where women and/or minorities have a safe haven.

@Lauren If life begins at conception shouldn't child support?

@BufftonBeotch smoking will surely be on the list of forbidden activities for pregnant women too.

@Barnie2years I honestly can't remember the last time I saw someone smoking in public. And when I was a kid it was everywhere. Ashtrays in elevators.
Ashtrays in McD's Kids made ashtrays in craft classes to give for gifts for Mother's Day.

@BufftonBeotch my neighbor and I went to Bonefish Grill the other evening for dinner. They have an outside seating area with signs all over forbidding smoking. I was remarking how it wasn’t that long ago that every table had an ashtray and at least half the people in the bar area would have been smoking. I would have been one of them! Now, I can’t even stand the smell when they are smoking outside.

@Barnie2years Even about ten years ago someone was in my house.

Do you have a little can for my ashes so I can smoke?

No! Go outside.

But it's raining.


@BufftonBeotch You would think, wouldn't you? Or how about providing medical care during the pregnancy should it be needed? I don't see them making sure that happens ... but they're awfully quick to throw women in prison.

@Lauren They just want 10 year old babies to carry their rapists sperm to term with no assistance to the medical care.

@Barnie2years Bonefish Grill. Are you in Savannah or HHI?

@Barnie2years, @Lauren If it were really about protecting life it would be assured that every "vessel" had medical care and adequate food and housing throughout the pregnancy.

@BufftonBeotch Lancaster PA.

@Barnie2years I thought it was a regional chain.

@BufftonBeotch no, national. I used to go to the one in Venice FL too when my parents lived down there.

@Barnie2years It was just another blah chain to me. Tastes like any other place where food is dumped out of cans and bags.


Every miscarriage will be a homicide investigation soon.

Women are despised in America.

I don't think women are despised but they cannot be allowed to have control over their own bodies. If they did that mean old Christian man might not be here.

The serious question is why are we doing autopsies on a stillborn baby?

@DenoPenno Taliban America. Every still birth will be a homicide investigation now.

@DenoPenno They are despised unless they are tolerated as the women they married and have children and a home with or the so-called "whores" they actually enjoy having sex with. And of course many of those good christian men prefer sex with other men.
I just wish they didn't try to make laws against consensual sex.

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