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How are you doing today?

Why do people ask that question, because they really don't want to know, but lately I've been telling them. I've gotten some real strange looks and then I ask do you want to know how I was doing yesterday?

paul1967 8 May 4

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I’m asked this many times a day and many times a day I say, “unbelievable”. I prefer a statement to a question… Good morning as opposed to, how’s your morning? But in many situations I can also be a good listener.


Yeah, maybe for the most part it's a phrase I tack onto a Hello... how you doing? And in most those cases I'm not real interested just something I ask in passing. But I live in a senior apt complex and seniors will tell you EVERYthing that's wrong with them. So I really can't/don't escape that, and I end up listening to what they have to say.

But there are special people and close family that I truly do want to know how they are doing because they are important to me and I care for their well being and I do not ask it frivolously.


"how's it goin'?", to which i often respond with a question: "you really want to know?" - of course, no one will then admit that they don't.
it's a tricky one. if i feel under a lot of pressure - as is the case currently - i just "spill my guts", not even considering that the asker isn't interested. they shouldn't have asked in the first place 😀
on the other hand, i never ask how someone is doing if i am not prepared to hear the answer.

LMAO yeah that's about right.


I work in customer service and have grown to hate that question.


When people say "have a nice day" I sometimes say "Thanks, but life has other plans"

Ange Level 5 May 4, 2018

Somehow that non question turned into a greeting with ( most of the time) no real meaning to it.
As a kid, I was around other children less than most are, so I didn't get the intense, social indoctrination that they did,, hence I answer "how I am" without thinking, mostly.
Hey, they don't want to know, next time they won't ask!


So what would be better to say or ask when greeting someone? Did you take a good shit today?


Listening and watching and occasionally braving the wind storm in toronto


Sometimes people just talk for the fun of it.

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