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LINK To Bother Or Not To Bother: Finding Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type – HealthyWay

Thoughts? I've taken this (and others) during my corporate escapades. It seems pretty accurate. I'm a former ENFJ, turned INFJ.

poetdi56 7 May 6

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Thanks @AdorkableMe !

After seeing that video I'm glad I didn't bother with that test

AWESOME!!!! Too funny!!!!!


Apparently it's just more woo like astrology


Not to bother. I simply do not care.

@ScienceBiker Sounds about right. šŸ˜‰

Me too!


I think it's a good thing to know if for no other reason than to know. These things often offer clues and helpful points on how to deal with the pit falls of each type as well as how to accentuate the good points.

AmyLF Level 7 May 7, 2018

I've taken it for a few jobs over the years. Always comes back an INTP, but in reality I'm a IDGAF. šŸ™‚


I'm afraid to take one of those test, I'm afraid I'll score an IGNO RANT, or a STUP ID.


There's no pass/fail on this test!

@Jellifish1 That may be....Perhaps I might be the first to do so!


Iā€™m IDFC.


I don't think there have been any genetic studies regarding any of the anangrams. From my own experience, the typing appears to be inherent though. Those of us who are P's by nature are forced into J roles throughout life. Same with T's being being reinforced in school over F in academics. To some degree, so is S vs. N. E/I appears to be more innate. I split evenly on E/I. It's somewhat situational for me. But in the end, I need up as an I. As I have said earlier, I've always thought these profile tests are as valid as horoscopes, however, the MB has been invaluable to me in my professional life. The reason I say it appears to be innate but can't state that that it is to be genetic (I recognize the conflict) 1. I've seen no studies an don't know how one could be designed. and 2. Purely from my own anecdotal experience and observation. I've been employing MB since 1985, professionally and personally. I can type someone within a few minutes with a high degree of accuracy. Furthermore, I have fraternal triplets. If there could be three polar opposites, I would have them. My daughter is identical to me in the final scoring. My boys are "opposite" of one another and they each score very high on all positions. I'm a scientist by education and took every genetics class I could find. I enjoyed psychology but I always thought "social sciences" is an oxymoron. I understand the skeptatism but I've found it useful and reliable Of course, my "type" is known for being fascinated by this crap.

I can see both sides. In my corporate days, I found it interesting. One place I contracted for had, beneath the person's name plate on door or cube, their MB type. šŸ™‚


Nah. Bad science developed by non scientists. Its fun but thats about it.


I found it very enlightening.

MikaB Level 5 May 7, 2018

According to a test I just took: ENTP-T... but, I feel more I than E. šŸ™‚

Hmm... I said "feel" rather than "think" so I am second guessing my second guessing... ACK!

@Gnarloc hahahaha!!!! Overthinking is the gold standard!!!!


I'm an INFJ, sometimes ENFJ. I find it very interesting and helpful. I took it free at Typology Test.

I toggle between those two as well. I can't decide if I am an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert. Lol

@AdorkableMe I think i just just have mood swings. Either way, we are a verying interesting and human type. Explains all my questions and curiousity.

Exactly. Wavering is human. ?

@AdorkableMe Many people score closely to each other on the E/I . i invariably split dead even. However, with considered introspection I realize I am more of an I.It's a matter of weather you need to be alone to recharge or if you get more energized being around others. You may know all this.


Like anything there are people it won't be accurate for. I found it accurate for me, and for my husband. However there's lots who don't fall into the neat categories.


I took the Briggs-Myers yars ago, and did not find it informative or useful. I found Anthony Gregorc's Style Delineator much more accurate.

Thanks for the tip!

You always seem to have better answers.

@AstralSmoke Experience, my friend, experience. At age 81 I have done a lot.


You do know that a mother and daughter made it up out of whole cloth. It has no basis in science what so ever.

A video posted below says just that!


Back in the 1990's I scored an INFJ on this "childish parlor game", with J being near the P line. (Happy to be in the less than 1% category. Just like green eyes = less than 2% of the population.) Is it "unique" that makes it pretty difficult to find a date? šŸ˜‰

It was mandated by the corp I worked for, and I could see how there was a bit of accuracy, but all joking aside, we are all something, some days, and it's not the same, all ways. šŸ™‚


Only one rule: She must not fall under an iota of the Dunning Krueger effect.


I'm pretty aware of my psychological inclinations.


I use it all the time.


INFJ. Explains a lot about me.


It is called Reductionist Science. Does not consider the results of the whole.


I usually rock an ISTP, but get an ISTJ every once in a while. They both feel right at times. I read the descriptions back in the day and was blown away. I'm extremely adaptable and can cross-train like a boss. My types were put to use in the Navy during WWII as Seabees. Their motto was some like "If the problem is extremely hard to deal with, give us a few minutes. If it's impossible, give us a few more minutes."


I think the article takes a good look at both sides of the results from Briggs-Myers. The last time I took it I came up with INFP. I even bought a book about my 'type'. The reading was interesting, but it did come across to me as a horoscope read. Nothing solid, just a little 'breezy'.


Pretty sure I'm an INFJ. "Empath "

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