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Your experiences on agnostics

What impact has sharing /reading posts here on agnostics had on your life? Has it changed your mind or thought process about anything? Did you learn something that you didn't know before you joined?

Kojaksmom 8 May 8

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It HAS confirmed several thoughts I've had.


Well now this is a loaded question for me.
What I learned...people can be just as ignorant and arrogant about non-belief as they are about their beliefs.
I am drawn into the arguments even when the other person is not capable of rational thinking and I become arrogant towards their ignorance.
I have zero tolerance for words getting manipulated into different meanings.
Zero tolerance for verbal abuse or any type for that matter.
There are some wise people here that have eased my loneliness and shared knowledge with me about things I never even heard of before. (Diamonds in the rough)
Chances of someone agreeing with me or defending me if and when I say something that rattles reality are much higher here than in any church.
I love it when someone follows my posts.
Language (word meanings) are as unique as our fingerprints yet we assume understanding based on our definitions.
No matter what else, I get ample opportunity to hone my communication skills on this site and find topics of personal interest whenever I come here.
Some of you are worth weeding through the garden for and even the arrogant ones provide lessons of their own!


I don't mean this to be rude which really means I don't really know how to say it without being rude, so my apologies.

First off I am an atheist, but I've found that many atheists are the most unjustifiably pompous human beings that I have ever known outside the extremely rich. They often think they are more intelligent than every theist, that they are more reasonable and logical. Many atheists feel like belief or lack-thereof is a choice that they have made and others should follow suit but can't because they are dumb. Typically these are the least intelligent among us and I do hold us to a higher standard than the rest of the populace.

Atheists too often think themselves superior to theists. They ignore humility in the face of pride over a belief that for many in our world, is driven into them when they start learning to walk and every day there after. I was lucky that my parents lacked the conviction to reinforce their religion on me. They were lazy and I was able to make the determination myself but most across the globe never get that chance.

This site has taught me that I am slightly less accurate and that there are more atheists than I thought who understand the differences and want to make the world a better place more than they want to tell theists how stupid they are.

I think the thing that I've learned is that there's atheists ,and then there's anti theists. the difference between the two is very small but significant. I used to consider myself an agnostic for instance, now I refer to myself as an ignostic or igtheist. Many agnostics on this site will mention that we are looked down upon by atheists as well.

@Kojaksmom Full disclosure, I have run into agnostics who claim that I cannot possibly be an atheist so I've had my run-ins with them too.

Yes, I think there is a difference between people who don't believe in a religion and people who actively hate religion and religious people are looked down upon.

@Dave75 That is so awesome to me that you would own this and be willing to seek new ways of healing! Very powerful! <3

@Dave75 and that is why I hold atheists to a higher standard. I appreciate people being able to consider their bias and work to adjust if they feel it necessary. It is also a reminder for myself that while I have not been hurt by theists or religion, others have.

Someone told me once that forgiveness is not for the forgiven. I try to remember that but to be honest, I've got a knack for holding a grudge.

@Dave75 well said


I've talked to some interesting people...... read some interesting posts.... commented seriously on some.... commented with humor on others (at least my version of humor). I avoid the militant political stuff as much as I do the militant anti - insert your religion here - posts. Like other sites, there are folks who feel it is ok to bash and force their opinions on others because they "know" they are right.... I think some of those are folks are likely just beginning to come to terms with their new found disbeliefs and need to tell it to whom ever will listen/read? Me.... I've never been a believer. Wasn't really raised that way, so none of "this" is new to me. So, I'm just here for the coffee, comradery, cool info and cute ladies. 😉


I could write a book on the stuff I've learned and come to get agitated about.

What is there to be agitated about?

I don't think I've become a successful leader. I'm not a people person. I've tried to emulate the good people and avoid the behaviors of the bad ones. I'm way too rooted in imperialistic things. I do feel that you can't be a good leader without being a good follower.

At my last duty station, I had a junior enlisted trump fanboy in my office. His attitude and statements left you with the feeling of needing a shower. For the longest time I wanted to tell him to go die in a fire. Thinking about how he would react to that, I proceeded with another approach. The day the presidential inauguration happened, he stated he hoped a bunch of people in opposition of the president came to start fights, so they would get their asses kicked. (why, who knows). I asked him, you sound really excited and thrilled at the idea that people are going to be assaulted and hurt. Do you think it would be just for anyone to have that sentiment about you? Does this assault benefit anyone? This isn't the type of thing we want to be remembered for.

I would like to think I changed that boy for the better. I hope he will become a more educated human and not a political lemming.

Saying I don't believe there is a god isn't a correct statement for me. It's better for me to say, I believe there are no gods. Attending mandatory formations where we are asked to bow our heads is obnoxious to me. I do my best to stand at rest and look around for the other atheists in the crowd. It's a fun game. No one talks about god at work, but if they were to do so, I would make an argument that would deter them, in a professional manner, to never bringing it up again.

Have I addressed your question?

@Squirrel. ... great answer. I have Trump people all around me. That baffles me...hmmm. but the choices we had made it hard to choose... thanks for serving our country. I believe everyone should. But thats me. It would make some people better individuals.


I have lived happily ever after. Of course I was doing that before. It's been ongoing.


The majority seem to be more intellectual, which is quite refreshing considering "the internet" and all.


its just allowed me to talk openly and mostly not about fucking stupid religion.


Some bright articulate people here - also the room has many clueless, close minded liberals

gater Level 7 May 9, 2018

Stick to the political groups.

@Kojaksmom Im thinking that I should stay away from political groups

@gater no why? I think it's a great idea. Our current political climate is just not conducive to anybody being rational. I avoid political posts of any type unless it's in a group.

@McVinegar Insults? Seems like an accurate description

@McVinegar no one is rational?


No just a camaradarie and a shared sense of humour and the ridiculous - Sometimes there are posts I just pass by if they are too wordy or nit picky but on the whole I really enjoy being here (even when I am fed up with people defining me in words - agnostic atheist etc. I just say 'I am godless I have no god - I don't want to quibble about labels!'

When I first joined I felt my agnostic label would be understood. Perhaps being an atheist is a spectrum like everything else seems to be.


I like having access to a like minded community. Atheists and agnostics are rare where I live ...there are small towns in Montana that only have a church and a bar, but they always have the church. This site reminds me that I'm not alone.


Enjoy all the people I have met, and have no plans of leaving any time in the near future.


They make great sex partners, no hangups !

Havevyou never noticed ? Maybe you should pay more attention to your sexual partners ???

Maybe ? For things to change for you, you must change !

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