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CONFLICT RESOLUTION in intimate relationships.

What's your conflict resolution style. I'm #2.

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skado 8 Dec 11

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What about both sides compromise to find out a solution that is the closest to the truth or at least that works best for both sides? What about making a list of both sides proposed solutions and flipping a coin to see which solution deserves to be tried first? Agree on a time period on which that solution should be tried, record the results and move on to the next proposed solution and repeat the process. I could be wrong but I think it is called "Scientific Method". Of course, I would only consider this for issues that are very importatnt to one or both partners and an impassed has been reached. Of course, not all issues deserve to be tested if they are not vital to one or both partners.

Sounds like good suggestions!


Win-win. Look for a solution in which both parties win, which is usually not the first solution offered. Getting away from the I-win-so-you-lose mentality our society instills in us, our minds give way to unlimited possibilities. In a relationship, that also means trust between the parties-trust that each person will do what is best for both parties. Let go of preconceived ideas of what you want as the outcome and be imaginative in order to resolve conflict. Paradigm!

Yes ,the unwillingness to change ones mind is the sign of a stubborn close minded egotistical individual . I on many occasions say to people ,you know that makes a lot of sense and agree to change my viewpoint . Some people will never admit to being wrong . I have absolutely no qualms about admitting I may have been incorrect .


I don't do any of these, I prefer to talk t out and seek aa cooperative compromise which generally restores the peace and leave all parties equally unhappy.


In a week I won't remember it. Most things I don't see the point.


This is probably not what you would call an intimate relationship but it illustrates how I handle conflicts. I occasionally disagree with my property manager. When she seems to be dead set on something I disagree with, I just listen to her reasoning and say; "Well you may have a point there, let's think about it and decide later."


Communication, healthy, noncircilar communication. I have had to walk away and come back. Then let it go!!


Toss a coin.


Talk it to death. I will not leave a room. Until it is resolved.

MoniB Level 6 Dec 12, 2017

communication is very important

I agree but more communication is not always better. Especially when one or all parties are stuck in one place.

if your a loving couple there shouldn't be any stuck in one place. a person who knows all the answers is a fool. if you don't talk about it how is the other person supposed to know?


I’ll usually talk it out, but if they aren’t being logical, I’ll yield. I don’t have enough energy to spare for someone who won’t budge.


None of the above. There are many other ways to resolve conflict that do not entail capitulation, domination, or avoidance.


Negotiation for one works reasonably well when done by the rules. Arbitration with an independent third party is another, and there are more.


Sometimes it’s just agree to disagree.


Geez, you're cutting me deep with this one. It depends on the nature of the conflict, but I'm sometimes an avoider just hoping the conflict is forgotten, other times I vent to a third party to blow off some steam, and occasionally I completely lose my cool and tear into the other person or people. That has, surprisingly, gotten me into far less trouble than one might imagine.


Both - Get my way and Talk it to death. It just depends. When I was young, it was slam the door and walk away or sulk. Now I've matured, I want to discuss the issues, talk it out but I have to admit that there are still times that I just want my way.

Living alone for several years doesn't promote compromise, discussion, or surrender. We have it our way everyday. So, if that is to change (living with someone) there will have to be patients and compromise on both sides. I miss the companionship so I'm ready to give it a go.


I've often said that losers own problems and do not let go of them;' winners find and own solutions. To me, the only realistic answer is to agree on a concrete plan of action to resolve the conflict or problem, get commitment from both sides to act, then do it!


I wish you'd given a "talk it out with the possibility to agree to disagree" option. That's my style and no doubt a reason I'm a confirmed lifelong bachelor!

That's because very few women I've been involved with can always accept an "agree to disagree" resolution and I won't tolerate passive-aggressive behavior for very long!

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