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Something that makes you go, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Arasmuson 6 Dec 12

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I always thought that Noah’s Ark was one of the most ridiculous bits of nonsense. It’s incredible that any one can actually believe in this


FFRF has a music CD (actually they have many) that has an interview between Noah and one of his sons about the composition of beings on the 'Ark'. Things like insects, and food/waste issues. There are so many issues that it basically makes the whole idea worse than the Santa myth.

Can you post a link

@Arasmuson FFRF sells the CD's as a way to generate extra funding. I did a search but could find no link. It was on the CD called "Beware of Dogma".


Hmmmmmmm? Hehehe!


They are sooooooo slow. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Dec 12, 2017

The list of 'hmmmmmmmmmm' causing things is ... well ... long.




all that wile maintaining the fabulous manicure...






Are we competing for who "Hummmmm" better? LOL

Idk? I just did it once.


The earth hums. It has a record of "free oscillation" that hovers around 2.9 and 4.5 millihertz and thus is undetectable by humans, though people claim to have heard a distinctive hum or buzzing in many parts of the world. The cause of the hum has been attributed to weather and to the ocean waves but the exact cause is as yet not known.


I havent heard it but the area around Taos NM is supposed to have an audible hum


There are these apes on Borneo. From the description they look like little sasquatch the photos of them are very rare. The description is enticing though.


People who avoid paying for their round... after accepting drinks from others... Hmmmmmmmmmm with a note of heavy disapproval. Anyone else feel the same way??


Hmmmmmmm! cheap skate


why did the fish, whales and dolphins etc get off scot-free? where did they get so much wood in the desert?

I solved the gopher wood question a few years ago.

While Noah and the two older sons built the ark the youngest son had to gofer wood.

Damn unicorn missed the boat!

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