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POLL At which level would you be willing to date someone?

I might be willing at #4.

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If religion is important to them, I would be doing a disservice to tie up their time.

Zster Level 7 May 12, 2018



Right on.


Must be atheist and a healthy skeptic with evidence based reasoning skills.

I just divorced an atheist conspiracy theorist.
Atheism doesn’t automatically mean a person knows how to reason well.
I wish it did.

AMGT Level 8 May 11, 2018

My last girl, the one I told you about, said that Jesus never existed and then proceeded to tell me she's a direct descendant per the DaVinci code

@ScienceBiker she’s got a foil hat?


Man oh man! A for egoistic effort, eh?

@NothinnXpreVails Not literally. But I gave her some neodymium magnets to short out the government nanoparticles 🤣

@ScienceBiker hahahahhahaha


I used to not care, but if they weren't atheist, they inevitably tried to "convert" me. Awkward at best, downright annoying later on. Usually, they dumped me in disgust.

pixiedust Level 7 May 11, 2018

No religion. No bullshit. No drama. Or no date.


A person who believes in god...regardless of him going / not going to church....doesn't have a chance with me. See, he may say "I am an open mind guy." but the fact he believes in god makes him exactly the opposite

DUCHESSA Level 7 May 12, 2018

I can't see myself with anyone who is even a tiny bit above "religion not important".

Crimson67 Level 8 May 12, 2018

I don’t believe in higher powers, I don’t have a certain kind of respect for those that do. I can’t be in a relationship with someone I don’t respect. Period. I’ve tried to ignore that quality in people, but it eventually bothers me too much.

Annaleda Level 7 May 12, 2018

Must be secular for the most part.

SpikeTalon Level 8 May 12, 2018

Thought I could but can't. Must be at least Agnostic or attends church only to save face with family.

MarlaPaine Level 6 May 11, 2018

Hummmm I wouldn't date a guy who goes around pleasing other people to avoid problems. One thing is to be "diplomatic" and a very different one is to go through life no expressing what you really feel / are.

@DUCHESSA I hear ya. Maybe save face wasn't the phrase to use. Some Hispanics are very loyal to their elders and don't want to hurt Catholic mom and grandma. To them it's out of a sense of duty and a way to honor them. I have a hard time faulting them for caring.
As long as they don't buy into the Dogma themselves I could hang with them. smile009.gif


@MarlaPaine Besides the fact that "Hispanic" is the wrong term...don' t be so sure the sense of duty is as strong as many of you believe. FORTUNATELY, there are several Spanish speaking countries where religion is as important as a pimple in a cow's ass...and please, don't say "NO" because I am Latina, professor of Spanish, Argentinean AND WITH STRONG KNOWLEDGE OF THIS CULTURE.

@DUCHESSA I wasn't talking about Spanish speaking countries. I was talking about my experience in South Texas. I'm not sure what you are expecting me to say no about but it seams you are upset about something. Also not sure how Hispanic is the wrong term but please enlighten me.


@MarlaPaine When you say "Hispanics" you are referring -wrongly- to SPANISH speaking people regardless of the place they reside. Secondly, to make a general statement such as you did about Latinos and religion is, to say the least, spreading a myth.
Some other time I will explain to you why to describe us as "hISPANICS" is wrong.

@DUCHESSA Feel free to pm me if you feel the need. I'm comfortable being called either Latina or Hispanic. You're the first person that has expressed to me that it's "wrong."


If she isn’t at least a level 22 druid, then I’m sorry honey, it’s just not gonna work.

No, but seriously, I wouldn’t outright refuse to date someone for any level of religiousness. It’s just a factor.

indirect76 Level 6 May 11, 2018

People who have imaginary friends are not open to logic or reality. I certainly am not going to spend my time with them.

LimeySteve Level 6 May 12, 2018

Well, none, really..... My wife would get upset and sic the German Shepherd on me.

very good lol


i have been married to a woman who believes she should believe for 20 years, that has been hard enough.


I would date someone who is a church goer, with the understanding if she tried to save me from Satan or anything like that. I'm out,

Stevil Level 8 May 12, 2018

My soon-to-be ex-wife is super religious and after I came out as atheist it didn't just go down hill but was like jumping off a cliff. Which is why I don't think I would start dating someone if I knew they were more than a Christmas and Easter church goer. I wouldn't want to go thru some of those problems again.
This is why I made the poll.

mebeb32 Level 4 May 12, 2018

Wrong question, I think.

It's not a matter of religion - of what goes on in the privacy of their heads - but of what they DO.

If they're judgemental, bigotted, insist on indoctrinating children, homophobic, etc. then they are un-datable.

If they're just, fair, decent and kind, then the fact they're batshit crazy is far more tollerable.

ToakReon Level 6 May 12, 2018

As long as they didn’t try to force their beliefs onto me, its not important.

freckles Level 3 May 13, 2018



I would have to be in love with someone who had religious beliefs before I could start dating them. That being said, I o ly seek relationships with agnostics/athiests.

SensualAva Level 5 May 12, 2018

I've been willing to date women who are slightly religious (church on xmas and easter). I feel like this is my best shot at dating someone in the South since I don't come across many atheist/agnostic women. However, the real question is, is she willing to date me? So far the answer has been no.

joeymf86 Level 5 May 12, 2018

Only level 7 & up. Only joking. If they're on the level, theyre in with a chance.

GoldenDoll Level 7 May 12, 2018

Personally I want another nonbeliever because I was with a religious woman for over a decade and she would not discuss our religious differences in any shape or form and that killed me since I love philisophical discussions. In my bible belt region, I can not bear to put in so much effort with someone whose obvious main grievance is also something they dance around to avoid talking to me. I highly doubt it's something I'd find in another non-believer which is why I'm sort of stuck on that preference.

Malara Level 5 May 12, 2018

I'd like to think that I could have fun "exorcising" a super religious girl!

Athos Level 5 May 12, 2018

No more superstitious people in my life


They aren't numbered. Which one is 4?

felix5 Level 7 May 12, 2018

Religion not important but I might go with church on Christmas and Easter

@mebeb32 Oh! A Catholic!

@ki-bee lol!


Honestly? It depends entirely on the specifics of the religion and the specifics of the relationship. Like, someone whose religious beliefs were innocuous enough, such as perhaps a Buddhist or Jain, I might be able to tolerate depending on how aggressive they were about promoting them. Similarly, someone who was a devout Jew but did not believe in proselytizing would also probably be okay. I might have to abide by some dietary situations that I would find absurd, but I'd give up shrimp and porkchops for a relationship that's otherwise happy and fulfilling.

Now, religions that are aggressive about converting others, are aggressive about preaching hellfire and damnation, or that believe that certain type of people do not deserve the same rights as the rest of us...any of those would instantly disqualify them from a chance at a relationship with me that wasn't constantly full of conflict

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