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I say "bless you" automatically when someone sneezes. Do you do the same?

By MyLiege7
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I say 'gesunheit', which sometimes prompts an inquiry, my explanation, and a juvenile response from them.

GoodMan Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

If it's a female that I would like to have a conversation with I will say it and then I will start talking to them about the origins of that saying. If they already know the origins we can have further conversation and if they don't we can still talk further. I don't even think about saying anything if a man sneezes.

harito Level 5 Dec 25, 2017

Yes I


Well when I do it, I usually just say, “Excuse me.” Lol when someone else do I usually say,” Excuse you.” They usually respond by saying,” Thank you.” Every once in a while I will get someone that will say,” You don’t believe in saying bless you.”


nope broke that habit, i see no point. do you bless farts and burps and hicuops ? lol




I would not be too concerned about it. There are a lot of phrases and words in our vernacular that had religious origins, but many/most of them no longer really carry any religious significance.

snytiger6 Level 9 Dec 13, 2017

I also say "bless you", but not god bless you.

noworry28 Level 7 Dec 13, 2017

Every once and awhile. But the whole practice of saying anything is pretty odd, especially when you consider the origins.

clea Level 4 Dec 13, 2017

Very true.


I tell them to shut up.

Gabriel_B Level 5 Dec 13, 2017

More "f*ck you" than "bless you" then. I like it smile009.gif


I do it too but more so out of habit, rather than by the actually meaning. I've tried saying "excuse you" but found it to sound passive aggressive sometimes haha

Calvin Level 3 Dec 13, 2017

Habit as well. smile009.gif


God Bless you-old habits die hard.


I say "Gesundheit". Also, I get very annoyed when sales clerks tell me to "have a blessed day", arghhh.

Yeah, that happens a lot, but I just return the sentiment but otherwise I can sound like a cynical witch.

Yeah I used to care what I sound like...not a problem anymore.

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