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Humanity doesn't need prayers. Humanity needs help.

Sapio_Ink 7 Dec 14

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I concur 100%!
I'm so tired of people who want someone else to do it. They want their "father" in the sky to fix things and work for them like an agent! We are the change, we are the power, we are the ones who must work for the world we want to be in. In the simple, profound words of Nike, "Just do it!"


Every time I hear a politician say "thoughts and prayers" I want to barf. Each time there are thougths and prayers, somebody dies!! Thoughts and prayers are NOT keeping us safe, keeping children fed, or keeping anyone protected. It is just utter and complete HOGWASH.


the life on earth needs help if it's going to survive much longer.


Just think of all the hate that could be elimated if it was illegal to profess religion publicly.


I agree. It always ticks me off when, after a major negative event, people resort to saying "I'll pray for you." Like THAT will do any good. It's a human response to bad things that people feel helpless about. Praying for someone only serves to make the 'pray-er' feel like they're doing something to help.


Yep. Humanism 101.


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