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Just curious: besides the Internet, what other ways have you met people you've dated or been involved with?

I know people also meet through friends/relatives, work, school, or common interests -- I mean, obviously people have gotten together way before the Internet was even an idea -- but if you could, be specific.



I held a chess night. These things were always stag (women have got better things to do with their time). But Lee brings this lady. They werent dating she just needed somewhere to be. So there was an odd number of us playing chess so it meant that one guy would sit out whilst the others played.That gave Julie someone to talk to on rotation. She was in hiding from her guy. She had asked him to get out but he was abusive. The best thing she could think of was to disappear. At that point it was 2 weeks MOI or AWOl. So the chess night ended but she stayed and talked. Boy did she talk. I said Im going to bed and she could have the sofa or join me. She choose the sofa but came to bed claiming that my clock was too loud to sleep over. She talked some more... I think it must have been over 18 hours of her talking, I swear she was talking in her sleep. We woke and she talked some more. It was afternoon by the time she ran out of breath and we made love.
That over 20 years ago. We were together for 15 of them and she is still my best friend.

273kelvin Level 7 May 17, 2018

That is a sweet story.

An epilogue; The next night she goes home to confront her soon to be ex. I get a distraught phone call. He has been really abusive yet again. Julie is in tears and she is a very strong and not a tearful woman. He has left now but goodness knows what will happen next. As I drove over to hers, I see the guy walking down the street. I pull over and punch his lights out. I had not hit anyone since school but all my frustration and importance gathered over the years of listening to woman who had suffered at the hands of bastards like this boiled over and I could not help myself. I left him on the floor and went to her.
I guess I did not know it yet but I was in love


That's a bit sad, that she had to hide to escape an abusive relationship.


I seem to have a knack for finding future lovers while camping...apparently there is something about me in the woods looking a hot mess that certain people can't resist...lol


A friend fixed me up with the first man I dated after my husband died. She's lucky I'm still speaking to her.

ProudMerry Level 7 May 17, 2018

haha good one!


At the gym, being introduced by a 3rd party, in line at the deli counter, at work, walking down the street in Philadelphia. Disclaimer here is that I'm still single and unattached but then your question was about meeting and not longevity LOL

Hmmm... close to how it was with me.


@BucketlistBob Hahaaa yeah it is a sad state of affairs

@AmelieMatisse. Awww... your cute... you should have no problems having fun dating.

@BucketlistBob besides being geographically undesirable and still employed besides living in Central PA it is not easy

@AmelieMatisse. I think its just around the corner for you.

@BucketlistBob are you a prognosticator, bookie, or an astrologer, or perhaps a tarot reader LOL


@AmelieMatisse. Just a friend with a positive perspective towards an observation. And why not a good thing happening to you?


I have met people through mutual interest groups through Meetup and other social groups. I ran a photography group for a few years, now I run an independent film group.


If I see someone I’m really attracted to I may go and talk to her, no matter where I am: in a shop, walking along in the street etc

KenG Level 5 May 17, 2018

You're brave!

@Ellatynemouth Never had a bad response. Some have ignored me and walked away, but met my last but one girlfriend in a shop.

Good for you! I've flashed a smile a few times but haven't been brave enough to initiate conversation. I'm currently crushing on the UPS guy who delivers to my work. I get so flustered when he comes in that I still haven't had the wherewith-all to see if he wears a wedding ring.


At work I only meet people 90+. I hate bars. Met my ex in college. I guess no real word dating for me. 😁

Shapoklyak Level 5 May 17, 2018

I've never used the Internet for dating.
Guess I'm really old school.
Wife and I found each other at work.
In my youth.... bars, libraries, school, the gym.


First wife I met at my dentist, she cleaned my teeth. Second wife I stole from my roommate!


You will find out...


Work. Pshh, yes, I’m lame.


You don't want to know....

IamNobody Level 7 May 17, 2018



Blind date with the brother of a friend in my aerobics class. It was nice, but we didn't happen to click. I did feel a bit safe since I knew a little about him.

DevraisA1 Level 5 May 17, 2018

Work and parties, and rarely bars. It's only ever worked out from initially meeting in the real world.

MagRat Level 5 May 17, 2018

every day life


I dated my ex-husband's college roommate. We met when Terry took me to a music store in Seattle where Willy worked.

"I wanted you to love me, not Terry," Willy said later. He had unrequited love me during my 15-year marriage. "I'm married," I said when Willy tried to tell me how he felt.

When I got divorced. Willy jumped. Willy and I lived together for five years after my divorce.


The coffee shop, while I was at the mall with friends and the library.

Wildgreens Level 7 May 16, 2018

I tried dating online--had a few coffee dates that made me glad they didn't know my address. It didn't work for me.

I met men I had real relationships with in jury duty, in college, at work. It was always organic, just evolved. I don't care how attractive he is, I fall in love with true intelligence and kindness.

felix5 Level 7 May 19, 2018

me, also. they are both real turn-ons


Work...3rd party intro...other single parents(usually in the same neighborhood)...


I just say what everybody wants to say, the bar.


Local Sierra Club hikes and other activities.


I met my ex girlfriend at a social event. She contacted me a few months later.

Infoguy211 Level 5 May 17, 2018

lol my ex was a plumber who unplugged my toilet in the apartment I rented. Talk about romantic, huh?

crazycurlz Level 7 May 17, 2018

That's kinda funny!

@Marcie1974 we thought so, too! that weekend we took his motorcycle to the mountains overlooking an artist colony and made burgers over a fire under the stars and I mean stars, like I'd never seen the sky before, free from light.
hahaha love life's twist and turns. He was my son's father. It ended well!


@crazycurlz that’s awesome! Glad that if it had to end, that it ended well


Theatre, Karaoke, business networking, life. smile001.gif

LimeySteve Level 6 May 17, 2018

dah bah

Unicus Level 5 May 17, 2018
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