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Tolerance or; (Why can't we just all get along?)

I've been on this site for almost a month. And, it seems to me that the various flavors of Agnosticism can be just as vocal, shrill, unbending, and intolerant of different beliefs and lifestyles as any "religious" group. Not to say everyone here is this way. But I had expected a more "Bohemian" kind of personality to this place. I've been virtually "high fived", and "tied to the whipping post" due to my own cultural lifestyle. And that's ok! But it seems like we could all be a bit more tolerant of the other person's views. Me included. Is this possible?? Is this likely??

bigpawbullets 9 May 18

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Maybe it depends on your view of tolerance. Everyone is free to express their opinion on the site as long as it is not deliberately offensive. That is what I see as tolerance. It would be boring if we all agreed about everything. The most intolerant aspect of the site, I think, is the closed groups that don't allow any discussion. You seem to think we should all be laid back and not feel strongly about anything. That way lies disaster. 'The meek may inherit the earth, but they won't keep it very long.'

Not at all.
I'd just ask for civility.
I respect opposing views and opinions.


Just goes to show atheists are just ordinary people like the rest.


did someone burst your bubble ?

Sadly, yes.

@bigpawbullets shitty


I agree with you 100%


Because we are all Ass-Holes but most of us will not admit it and simply accuse the next guy of being an Ass-Hole.


I think we do - isn't having a bit of a spat also getting along? I don't know any families that don't fall out over differing opinions, it mostly works out in the end?



I always keep in mind most are just adamant about some topics for a variety of reasons I don't know.
Also that "I'm not telling you what to do, only what works for me"
Insults or slights, when they happen, from random people don't count for much.
No one has to agree or like what anyone else says.


Myself I’m shocked by the number of foul mouthed Trump bashing, Obama loving, gun grabbing liberal idiots that are on this website. Unfortunately it seems that most of the atheist on this website are left wing liberal idiots!!

Maybe you should tell everyone how you really feel.

@bigpawbullets And this is why we can't have nice things... there's always someone who has to generalize and namecall...

That seems to describe me nicely,except that I am never foul-mouthed. Given that atheists seem to be more rational than most believers, perhaps that means there is still hope for the world.


I am a live and let live individual. I will never be tolerant of evil, I will never be tolerant of trying to make fantasy a reality, I will never be tolerant of anyone forcing their dogma on another, I will never be tolerant of anyone causing or doing harm to another. Here I stand.

Interesting definition of tolerance.

@CeliaVL It is not a definition. It is a position that I hold in what I personally will allow or support in my society.

@jlynn37 My impression was that 'Live and let live' meant was that you were tolerant of everyone's belief's, and you simply went your own way. Standing against people whose beliefs you find intolerable is hardly 'letting live'.

@CeliaVL Up to a point my dear.


This is a unique app/site/group/whatever I’m the fact that while it’s, it’s open to Pagans, Wiccans, Atheists, Agnostics, etc. Due to it being open to so many different groups, there is bound to be some troubled waters.

Agnostics in and of themselves are a diverse group in regards to just beliefs. As there is a ton of different levels of beliefs. Some are sure there is something on the other side, some believe there is something on the other side, some just aren’t sure, some are pretty sure there is nothing on the other side, and others are basically positive there’s nothing there.

Ultimately, yes, everyone could be a bit more tolerant. But sadly, this site isn’t dedicated to just a religious stand point. Politics are discussed, ways of life, hobbies...You get the point. For the most part, I have only come across nice people. But sadly, I’ve hit a few turds. But as Frank Sinatra once said, that’s life.

The best you can do is pick and choose what you’re willing to discuss. I avoid political posts as my views differ from the mainstream and the mainstream are usually the ones that are going to attack you because you don’t agree with them. But I’m sorry you’ve come across some unfortunately aggressive people. Best of luck to you!


I know what you mean. Some people have a fervent intolerance of those that are different from themselves. I prefer the Live and Let Live approach as opposed to the Live and Let Die attitude. Perhaps some Depeche Mode music like People Are People would be helpful. Of course we should be more tolerant and respectful of other people, but many people feel uninhibited on social media sites and post statements that would not be acceptable elsewhere.

We should certainly be respectful of other people, and their right to hold whatever views they want, but we don't have to be respectful of their views. If we think they are rubbish, we can say so, and they can explain to us why they are not rubbish.


NO. There are conservatives, liberals, and people in between here. There are cultural differences not only within the US, but people from different parts of the planet. The old hippie idea of peace and love was pretty much bullshit. All my hippie friends loved people like themselves. They didn't like cops, military people, politicians, the rich, or rednecks. They were just as tribal as most folks. ☺

OK then!

I think that you're confusing the hippies with the stereotype created at the time and promulgated since. It was - and is - an easy way to denigrate and belittle a broad movement for social and political change that protested both inequality and the waging of a self-defeating war in Vietnam.

@moNOtheist l was in the Army in 68-70, and part of that movement in Austin when l go out. I'm not denigrating hippies. l was a working musician and most of my friends were hippies. I threw a party and invited friends of mine from the business world and my counter culture friends and it was great. It is the only party l ever went to at that time that wasn't one or the other because most people are tribal. It is human nature. ☺


Any time you get a large group of people together, that kind of "diversity" is a distinct possibility; we are all just regular folk, for the most part. And differences of opinion are going to happen. It happens in families, nuclear and extended.

You can have the most homogenous group you can imagine, and still people will disagree about certain things.

That said, you are spot on about the need for more civility and tolerance (and, like you, I include myself in that statement). My fix is to just block people who rub me the wrong way; not very tolerant I know, but I don't need the aggravation. I'm a pretty easygoing individual, but I have a bit of a warped sense of humor that can turn people off, and if they don't like it, find it offensive, or whatever, then they can block me, but I don't need them challenging me on something completely trivial, and/or said in jest. My response to that kind of effrontery would probably be either a big, "Fuck you," or to block them. And I've probably blocked more people than anybody on this site. I just don't want to put up with what I consider nonsense.

I understand.
I don't block anyone. I take this as a more focused and POSSIBLY more intellectual version of Facebook. So, it's great entertainment, nothing else.

@bigpawbullets probably a healthier way to look at it. You're obviously a bit more open-minded than I.


Yes some of us don't like fighting with members and are not combative. We have a mixed community and I try to get along with everyone. Back to my hippie days of peace and love.

I remember my hippie days.... they were right before I switched over to Army officer.


I hear what you're saying - there's definitely some angry folks on here among the peaceful ones.

Is it possible for us to get along ? Sure. But likely ? not so sure ...

I believe you're in touch with reality here.

@bigpawbullets well, sometimes anyway . After hearing about yet another school shooting today - I'm trying to escape reality currently ...

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