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Do you think the Pope really believes there are gods, heavens, and lives after death?

GlyndonD 7 May 19

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I do believe this. I was in a convent for seven years. The brainwashing was intense. It seems that the imprinting of beliefs over time becomes so entrenched that it can be difficult to reverse. Couple that with ritual and power and you have an unshakable ideology.


Nope. He's no different to the televangelists who rake the cash in.


The Vatican/Catholic church is a property empire & we/they all know it.


Good question. My honest answer is, "NO".
To get to where he is he would have had to study lots, he would know as we do that God was invented by man.


Do I care what the pope think?


I don't know about the Pope, but Bill Maher has commented that while at the Vatican filming Religulous, he spoke to high level officials that pretty much let him know they think its all bullshit.


I hope not ???


If any pope actually believed in the Christian principles they are supposed to avow the Vatican would be bankrupt in a week.
The last time there was a pope who was anywhere near sincere, he was found dead in bed reading, a few days after his accession.


Not in the least, but he if were to admit so that would threaten the power of the catholic church.


I think by the time you get to be pope your sunk costs are already so great you might just as well go along with it to the end.


..... For all of you tracking consistency, here it is my response one more time... I don't care


No. I suspect he’s treated as much as a god to have become certain there is none … but feels it’s his responsibility to maintain the illusion for those incapable of handling the truth..

Varn Level 8 May 19, 2018

Most likely scenario


I think most religious people just try to "act as if", otu of fear and "Pascal's wager."

O yes, Pascal's wager influence is a possibility


i don't give a fuck lol


What if I were to ask you if you Dawkins or Hitchens really believe there are no gods, no heavens, or life after death? That they built their empire promoting that belief and thus if they actually stated that they believed, it would all crumble down.

Is there use or merit to that assertion?

Unless you have evidence that the pope doesn't believe or that Dawkin's does believe, to claim otherwise is to basically just hold a mirror up to yourself and promote your own bias, your own belief, your own view.

In other words, you assertion that a person says one thing but means another says nothing about the honesty of that person's belief but everything about your willingness to project your beliefs onto others without a shred of evidence.

The "evidence" is that the Pope's mind must have been filled with more knowledge and reason since he entered the clergy, and thus why hasn't this conflicted with his supernatural belief system? Why hasn't any intelligent person rejected the supernatural indoctrination that he received as a child?

Or it was filled with incontrovertible knowledge and reason that his beliefs are in fact correct but is under strict orders not to divulge any of those.

I mean since we are making up what happens behind closed doors and inaccessible minds, we can make up any story to fit our narrative and bias.

Me personally, I don't presume that my option is real anymore than I would presume your option is real since all we would be doing in accepting either option is reinforce our own confirmation bias, not gain any insight into their beliefs.

@TheMiddleWay, still, I think he's faking it.


Given that he's the head honcho then he probably does, if he's bluffed his way to the top knowing it's a load of crap then he's a great con man 🙂


I think he just likes the fancy dresses, satin shoes, and the Popemobile.


I suspect he doesn't. He shows evidence of understanding the higher meanings of those metaphors.

skado Level 9 May 19, 2018

Some do. Some don't.

The Pope's from the 15th through 17th century were all rich land owners who were only in it for the money from the collection plate, the cushy digs and all the free pussy they could bang.

Post 1800, I think most of the Pope's have at least half way believed their own bullshit.




Chances are, they're acting religious to feed their wallets.


For previous popes I would venture that this the 'party line' they would push, but the current pope appears to be willing to 'shift the goal posts', at least as far as he will be permitted to do so. Without evidence to support my view, I would suggest that he might even go further, but knows if he did he would probably meet an untimely end, as have earlier popes who got a bit too far out of line.


I don't care what that creep thinks.
He belongs in prison.


Does the pope shit in the woods?

Athos Level 5 May 24, 2018

The present Pope or all popes? How can anyone know the mind of another person (especially one whom most people have not met or spoken with) well enough to make such a judgement?

I don't -- just askin'.

@GlyndonD I always wonder why people ask certain questions. 🙂

@Gwendolyn2018, they got nothing else better to do?

@GlyndonD Nope, not good enough.

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