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Anyone ever have a 3some

Anyone ever do a threesome that didn’t go weird

Lordelvis 5 May 19

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Several times, FFM, MMF fun at the time, but exhausting and beyond me emotionally and physically now.


I am not telling..... ????????


yes, but was a major disappointment.


Define weird! And let me know if that "weird" is good or bad.


They don't always "go weird", but I have experienced a few, and it seems to me there is always someone who ends up feeling like they got the sort end of attention or felt like they were left out.

I don't do threesomes anymore. That was when I was ounger and still exploring and discoverign myself. I discovered that I like one on one best, and don't care for threesomes for the above stated reasons.


Youth is a time in which to try stuff. What a mistake that was.


better as a dream than reality

Never done one myself and this was always what I figured the experience would be.

@ErikGunderson it looks like a great idea but 2 always end up leaving one out in reality


Yip, but I was the odd one out. Lifes a bitch sometimes ??


Never been involved in a threesome and have no real desire to. I prefer to be completely with one person in that moment.

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