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What turns you on?

What turns you on to a person? What are your turn off?

LunaStarr 4 May 19

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None of your business.


Best answer I've

@SallyMc, Yes I saw your great post and commented on it.


Turn on: Intelligence, sense of humor, kindness, compassion, tolerance, caring, personality, charm. Turn offs: Bigotry, racism, intolerance, unkindness, impatience, poor personal hygiene. I had a date last summer with a good looking dude. As soon as he told me how much he liked DT, how he was a good business man, he became the ugliest man I'd ever met. Beauty is skin deep but ugly goes all the way to the bone.

Yeah if anyone menions 45 around me I make myself scarce.


I'm certainly not going to share that information. Someone might use that information to have their way with me. ☺


Ha ha!

@AmiSue You wouldn't think so with some of the crap l put on here. Who knew? ?


Handsome male gymnasts who prefer middle aged plain women - who don't exist.



Plenty of positive attention always attracts. Talking over me never does.


What turns me on? Hormones lol

Touche lol




Deep intellect is a turn on.


Turn-ons: A beautiful smile - turn-offs: when the teeth are black.


I like a mental turn on, like if you can carry on a conversation without referencing old wives tales, I'm going to take you more seriously.


Hmm...I guess I need to figure that out. Right now, nothing turns me on. My libido seems to have shut down. Hopefully, I’ll meet someone at some point who’ll get it working again.


Intelligence. I'm a sapiosexual.


Turns me on..... hot apple pie with homemade vanilla ice cream.
Turns me off..... it was a dream.


damn I liked the question BEFORE you put conditions on it

Ummmm what conditions? All I asked what what turned people on and what turned them off.

@LunaStarr the first question that shows is " what turns you on?" I coulda had alotta fun with that !!!

@markdevenish "What are your turn offs?" Is not a condition. A condition would have been me saying that only certain people could answer however they liked while others couldn't answer them at all.


I think it depends for me! sometimes trust other times danger lol !! pretty much.


Beautiful naked women interested in me.


What turns me on is different to what I am attracted to. Big dark eyes turn me on, body hair turns me off. Just being honest.

So you are not attracted to big dark eyes but you are attracted to body hair?

@MsAl I am attracted to a very feminine shape, I live at the beach and am surrounded by them, but it is the eyes that really turn me on.


A heart connection and vulnerability, honesty.


Skinny, geeky, wacky, ditzy intellectual and hippy types turn me on.

Loud, overweight, masculine, women are an absolute turn off. Tattoos also a turn off.

KenG Level 6 May 19, 2018

We must be brothers.


Integrity, kindness, confidence, heart, vulnerability, someone who understands my humor as much as I understand his, someone who "gets" me and has my back, someone who appreciates me and makes me feel safe to be myself. And oh yeah, someone whose clothes I want to tear off.


Intelligence. The ability to hold a good conversation. Eyes - they are the mirrors of the soul (in the sense of personality being the soul) .. . Sense of humour and an open mind ... it certainly helps if they are cute though hahaha 🙂


Turn ons VIBES. turn offs VIBES.


Turn On = When she simply undress without a word between us. I don't discuss Turn Offs.

How often does that scenario occur?

@AsAbove When she know what we both want no point on using language. Eveytthing already spoken. A gentleman won't brag the truth, won't say a lie. But read your misery in your words, scenario is for fiction.


Someone who I sense is their honest natural self.
And that can shine through regardless their physical appearance or circumstances.


What turns me on...hmm...hehe....made you look.

Um, OK, I'll tell a little bit. I am turned on immensely by certain scents. Not telling which ones.

Turn offs? That's one's easy....I don't like bossy people. Because, reasons.

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