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Do you support the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

How do you feel about this solution to healthcare? Was it the right choice?

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silvereyes 8 Dec 16

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It kept me alive through chemo, radiation and bone marrow transplant for 2 years.

@sassygirl3869 glad you are here and i have gotten a chance to know you!

I wish I could hug everybody here right now. You've helped me feel needed again.

@ sassygirl3869 (HUGS) and you are need, respected and adored!

you made my day @twshield

My mom,went through the same thing,over forty years ago, stay strong!


Single-payer would be better, but until the U.S. catches up with the rest of the developed countries, it's the best we've got, and I know far too many people who would have died without it.

I just made a comment on something I just learned.


Maybe, If it wasn't fought at every turn it might have been better.


Personally I would prefer a single-payer/Medicare-for-all system, but what we have is better than before.


Single payer system, non-for-profit hospitals, and total pharmaceutical over site.


At the moment, it's the best thing we have. Any effort to 'fix' it will just make it worse. What we really need is single payer full coverage healthcare for all, and we need it soon because of this country's current demographic.


As long as profits are a large part of what drives healthcare, paying for it will always be a problem.

@FortyTwo it worked 😛


? who voted no? (funny sentence).
It was disclosed on NPR that surveys showed a large number of people said to get rid of 'Obamacare' but don't take away their affordable healthcare. This is beyond crazy. Yes let's get rid of the term 'Obamacare' and just have 'affordable care'. Obviously words matter!

I think I heard that same story on NPR. It's ridiculous... amazing ignorance... sad.

I think Jimmy Kimmel did something like this on his show, they were stopping random people on the street and asking the same question. Unbelievable.

Yes, certain words matter if they represent a black president.

Get the government out of my Medicaid/Medicare!

ACA was a redistribution of funding to another group of citizens. I was one of them. My monthly premiums went up 400% the first year when it went into effect. Middle class workers without employer healthcare programs took the brunt of this redistribution. It was 2 years of being unable to put money back in my savings and do work on my house. It's good a lot of people benefited from it, but it came with a cost to many others and even more importantly to families with children. As a single male I don't mind helping out, but I was steadily being wiped out while on the program. And on top of that, my last experience with United Healthcare, I was ripped off. And for those of you who think single payer would be good, no, it will not. It will only lead to another redistribution of funding to other groups of Americans again. You can't have a good healthcare program while the same insurance and pharmaceutical companies and corrupt politicians who are bought out by those companies work together writing the laws for healthcare. Socialized healthcare via taxes like Sanders proposed is the only way we get healthcare anywhere near what the rest of the developed countries have. And the ability to buy our drugs abroad.


Funny.... we can fund via government our national defense but we can't fund our national healthcare. Very Funny!!!!!

Bloody insanely STUPID and irrational is what I'd say, are guns and tools of destruction, etc, far more valuable then the lives of people?


we need a single-payer health system in this country. We need to demand the lawmakers put this into effect as soon as possible.!!! PUBLIC DEMAND IT FROM THE LAWMAKERS!!!!

dc65 Level 7 Dec 16, 2017

They'll just work with their owners and redistribute the funding just like they did with the ACA.

@William_Mary II feel the public is too passive about forcing our lawmakers
to the best in the world. Other industrialized countries
have better health care in the USA. I feel like we elect
our dictators. The problem is the public does not know how
to get involved and communicate with their representatives.

@dc65 I have to disagree. Our representatives hold an approval rating somewhere around or under 30%, yet have a reelection rate of over 90%. It's not a communication issue, it's a 2 party system issue in which both are working for the same owners. This past election cycle brought out swarms of protest and angry town hall meetings expressing the concerns of the "public". Still today there are protest going on around the country and in DC. When it came to republican representatives, they began to choose not to show up or even hold those town hall meetings as were planed due to the nature on how some of the first turned out. We, the public, are no longer being represented in a large degree. The only problem I see is that the public continues to operate within a failed system of manged perception rather than uniting in another party, a 3rd party. After Sanders betrayed the public I moved to supporting the green party. I'll never turn back.


\Yes, but what we need even more is universal single payer healthcare -- like ALL other industrialized nations in the world!


Free healthcare


We need to go further. Get the damned pharmaceutical companies out of it. In the U.S. People don't take care of themselves because of the enormous copay's. We ignore injuries and such because we can afford it. Many people go bankrupt because of these bills. Countries the have universal health care are much more happier than we are.



we need to put the lawmakers on the same Health care system that everybody else is using. If the lawmakers were on the public system we would get a better health-care program maybe ones that works for e everybody. Our leaders are not protecting the people they're supposed to protect.

dc65 Level 7 Dec 16, 2017

I think we need a non-profit single payer universal healthcare system, where medicine is aobut preventing and curing disease, rather than out current system of "managing" disease to make greater profits.


As a Canadian I pity you, healthcare is a human right, the fact that this is even a debate is absurd to me and makes my glad I don't have to live in a third world nation like you.

@Silvereyes , it is so, obvious to us Canadians that your nation needs a lot more socialism and a lot less capitalism. Nations are judged not on how they treat their most privileged citizens but, on how they treat their least.


The solution we need was the original version before the GOP watered it down. Back then, it was called Health Care REFORM. They took the REFORM out of it, thus the continued high costs.

godef Level 7 Dec 16, 2017

I am for it in that it's a step in the right direction. We need Medicare for All though...or something that provides care for all citizens regardless of income. A lot of the problems with the ACA have been related to the fact that they didn't include a public option. That being said, I have personally benefited from he expansion of Medicaid and am grateful for that. We can do better though for all people of this country though.


Well a similar thing has been operating in Australia and the U.K. for ages now and they both have worked very well. So why is that Americans haven't jumped on the bandwagon?


Making it a crime (even a misdominer) for not dealing with sleeze bag insurance companies, is insane. I think this was supposed to be a wind fall for them. I find it kind of funny that lots of them backed out when it didn't work. I mean really, is that the best we can do?


Oh, yeah, it was the right choice.

My great-grandfather died from what's believed to have been a brain tumor but he didn't get much care being a laborer in the early 1900s. My father-in-law was a carpenter who only got care for a mid-century, on-the-job foot injury that turned gangrenous after joining a union. It has to be an intentional disregard/disdain for the working class that's kept healthcare as a privilege for the elite. As for me, after working and paying into insurance plans for 25+ years, I've been dependent on an ACA plan since I was laid off a year ago - or at least on the butchered version Texas worked up - and it's been quite an education. Texas has the largest percentage of uninsured of any state.


I am also for single payer health care.
I think ACA was a good start to hopefully working toward that.
Of course, now we are regressing....


I am for the single payer system.The insurance company inclusion in this was strong armed in. THat part I do not like


No, republicans turned it into a tax.


Thank you for calling it the ACA. It is best if we don't let the racists and bigots drag more people into their pool of willful ignorance and hatred by succumbing to the trappings of the connotative meanings of their verbiages.

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