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My wife was talking to a woman that was at a bar, dancing provocatively and sat at our table. We welcomed her and she started talking about her God. My wife said " I'm an atheist" and the woman got angry. Then I simply asked "what God are you talking about"? And we laughed when she stood up, pointed on the table and said the one true God, and she continued to banter but I think that is a very valid question if we talk about religion, haha!
In summary: If you want to get a God freak off your case, ask them which God they are talking about!

mash_tatoes 5 Dec 17

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I always do, you never know when they might be talking about Quezalcoatl or Cthulhu...don't want to be rude by assuming. If it is 'the one true god', I always go, Oh, you mean Satan, he's doing odd, he asked about you, too. Always good for a chuckle. Another good one is to say,"Jesus wanted me to tell you that you are an asshole for that thing you did. He didn't expound on what it was, but said you would know. Hey, I'm just the messenger here."



I suppose I'm saying the obvious. They become angry because it challenges the pleasant lie they are desperately trying to hold onto. If they were that secure in their beliefs they would not become so angry, defensive and insecure.


I asked my mom if she believed in Thor, and she said no. I asked why not, and she said her god said to only worship ‘the one true god’. And I said, but even your god acknowledged that other gods existed, so why didn’t she believe there were others. She didn’t answer. But later admitted that she had doubts about every thing said in her bible.


My typical reaction to people when they ask if I believe in god is to ask which one. They typically get pretty mad. I generally follow this up with the questions: Thor? Indra? Coyote? Zeus? Tiamat? Ba’al?

Haha, love it


I usually tell people I stopped believing in fairytales when I was a kid, and even though I try, I have a hard time hiding the face I make when I think someone's really f@#$* dumb.

Grim Level 4 Dec 17, 2017

When someone claims to worship "the One True Gawd," I like to let them have their fantasy that there is such a thing, and instead challenge them on how they can possibly know that their understanding of "the One True Gawd" is, itself, not warped or mistaken. Once they start trying to explain how their personal perspective is an infallible revelation, not-to-be-doubted, they're in trouble, and they usually even start to realize their position is indefensible after a few pointed questions at them.


Thats right-because they can't say my god -if there's only one in their brain.


Discussing religion or politics frequently causes cognitive dissonance leading to problems. I would not discuss these topics in bars especially with strangers.

Might have been better to suggest going back to yours discuss the topic over a coffee?

I agree, a bar is no place for political convo or religion. We could have diverted the conversation but she was so far down preachers lane her friend pulled her away, lol.


She went from dancing provocatively to preaching lol. I would've been tempted to ask if she dances that way at church.

Ember Level 4 Dec 17, 2017

sex as a weapon to convert you.... I remember in the late 60's, early 70's... the "jesus freaks", "jesus loves you freaks"... former hippies became like hippies for christ. sex has a convert tool.


I just let them get on with it, obviously a crutch they need, my kids believed in the tooth fairy and Santa, I didn't disillusion them, although I did draw the line at the bogey man. Enough scary people out there without inventing one lol


It trips them up because they've never bothered to look outside of what they're told in church.


I don't even bother, especially in a bar. I had a friend who kept trying to talk heavi-osities in that environment and he just became irritated and irritated others.


Question? Did You guys get to take her home with YOU?

Haha, no! As soon as she started preaching we knew we couldn't even be friends.


I don't get it... what's her one true God she pointed to?

I was wondering the same thing.

I think it was actually the wood of the table because she pointed and looked down at it. Maybe I over reacted and she really just thought Nature was the one true god?

@MrLizard. Lol... that's cool..


You may have a point, perhaps that is the proper approach to the deluded.


I do not waste my time arguing with the religious.


I more so would have asked her, "soo how does god feel about you giving a lap dance to jesus his son since it appears you are well on your way in that direction, miss hot fucking pants?" Or, if you felt the urge to be a little more, caustic, ask her how often she was molested by her pastors since clearly she understood the moves from what you saw of her on the dance floor. "The One and True God! The one that loves sexy sexy time MISTER!"

Sadoi Level 7 Jan 19, 2018

Maybe the woman thought she was the proverbial, born again Mary Magdalene.


Haha -- I can just imagine the look on her face. 😀


What annoys me about it all, is that most of the time, they don't even follow what Jesus was talking about. I love the idea of Jesus, a half man, half god person who was basically chill and all "treat others nicely." And there are people who do, but more often than not, you got followers who are all "these people shouldn't have rights" like gay and lesbian people and I'm just like, really?

Why isn't there a 'dislike' button on here?


Good advice!



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