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LINK 13 Common (But Silly) Superstitions

Today I was in a secured facility. You need a security clearance to be granted access. I don't want to say too much about the facility itself except to say it involves a lot cutting edge technology.

And where was I? Today's adventure was on the 14th floor. It's really the 13th floor, but there is no 13th floor. It goes from 12 to 14.

The irony. Here I am, in the 21st century, in a facility that requires a security clearance, where advanced high tech is being developed and tested, in building with no 13th floor because of superstition.

ScienceBiker 8 May 23

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This is as ridiculous as being afraid of broken mirrors and black cats. I own a black cat specifically because all the shelters in my area are overflowing with black cats. Friday the 13th is just a day, and thirteen is just the number after twelve.


This reminds me of the apartments I used to manage. It went from 12 to 12A then 14.
As a side note I lived in Northrige CA in 1993 when the earthquake hit. My apartment number was 13. Lol


In some buildings, there is a 13th floor that is used for HVAC, boilers, etc. It is only accessible via private service elevators so the numbering in the public elevators appears to skip 13. On the other hand, in the building where I work, we keep the Executive on the 13th floor - I think it's a political statement.

BTW,I was born on the 14th because my mother, who was having a caesarian was given the choice of the 13th or the 14th. She chose to stay in labour for an extra day rather than risk ever having to celebrate a birthday on a Friday the 13th.


Superstition goes back a long way. I remember my greatb uncle John didn't like going on the 13th floor.. My mother told me about big office buildings and stores skipped the 13th floor. I thought that can't be true but it


My mom always called it stupidstitious. LOL

Great word!

@pixiedust feel free to use it! She's be thrilled! LOL.

I posted the word in the Uncommon words group

@pixiedust "Boots" would feel honored.

@Archer And we have one taker already, besides myself 🙂

You call your mother "Boots"? I bet there's a story behind that,


Wtf that's ridiculous

@Shelton I've honestly never encountered people missing floors because of number superstition. That's crazy

@ScienceBiker I'll keep in mind next time I travel!


While I can stand not walking under a ladder because something like paint just may fall on you, lots of this is plain out silly. Let's take 666 from the Buybull for example. Is it the number of "man" or the number of "a man?" Some just cannot stand it. They want no 666 in their address or phone number. OMG! Strangely, it doesn't bother me. Use all the 6's you like. My address could be 666 Something St. I don't care.

@ScienceBiker I stole it myself from an old educator in Washington state named Joan Denoo. She never told me if it was her original or not, but I told her I was going to steal it. 🙂

After taxes, the french fries we like to buy from a nearby restaurant cost us $6,66. Best fries in the city!

Superstition goes back a long way. I remember my great uncle John didn't like going on the 13th floor.. My mother told me about big office buildings and stores skipped the 13th floor. I thought that can't be true but it

When I started my telecom job I was asked if I wouldn't mind being assigned the pager that ended in 0666. I said, "of course not, it'll be easy to remember and keep idiots from paging me." 😉

I prefer 69.

A few years ago I ordered a large grilled chicken sandwich combo and a double cheeseburger from McDonald’s and the total came to 6.66. It appeared to freak the cashier out enough that I went back n ordered the same thing every other day for a week or two, just to spread the good news lol.

@pixiedust tainted with sin salt no doubt! LOL!


In my day we didn't have scanners and such but we did have Marine guards. They were huge, ugly, obviously meaner than starving junkyard dogs who would swallow you whole and spit out the bones if anything even slightly out of the ordinary were to take place. I was so preoccupied with surviving the guards that it never occurred to me to check what floor I was on. Of course, our facility was only five stories and a basement. No one ever told me what was in the basement. I didn't want to know.


So...NOW I have to pick up pennies AND pins...thanks a LOT!

Only pennies that are heads up. LMBO

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