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Any reaction when you see the religious "fish" symbol on the back of a car or in an ad for a business?

Specman 6 Dec 17

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I laugh, and think of the ones with feet, that say "Darwin" inside. Then I get around to pitying their self-delusions, and lack of taste in car ornaments.


I so want to be like Elaine Benes and pull it off the car.

I've pulled off a few tRump stickers and my daughter and I liberated many yard signs during the election


I love to see the fish with legs:


BD66 Level 7 Dec 17, 2017

I lose respect for the driver and I try to avoid the business.


Drives me away from the business as my experience is that anyone who uses their personal religion as a form of advertising is not likely to have much else about their business to advertise it.

Seeing the stickers on cars tend to just make me roll my eyes.

Zster Level 8 Dec 17, 2017

Unfortunately I deal with a lot of religious people in my line of work. I had a bumper sticker that says "Atheism is Myth Understood". I would never make any money in my current line of work if I had it on my car.


None what so ever... I learned to Ignore things.


My daughter and I take a picture of the worst and send them to each other. I got a take out menu from a pizza parlor that had Have a blessed day at the end of the menu. I called and asked what the hell that had to do with pizza. I showed my daughter. She called too. Feel free to practice your religion but keep it off your menu please


I get a little annoyed at first but hey freedom of religion am I right? Lol


No reaction to that, but I can't stand the I'm Catholic and I vote. Who cares!!!!!


I laugh a little. People are allowed to believe what they want, and a bumper sticker or two isn't going to hurt me. Just don't try to force me to believe. If they want to wear their belief on their sleeve (or car), I would point out to them that, since they believe in sin, they are guilty of the sin of pride.


I reactively think of my religious upbringing and realize that some people are happy believing what their parents taught them without question, I may think of them, as spiritually less evolved and maybe not too bright to some degree, but I am open-minded until I get to know them, but these are my instincts.


For years I thought it was the symbol for I'D RATHER BE FISHING then I heard the jesus thing, now on the history channel I hear that this symbol turned 90 degrees clockwise was an Egyptian fertility symbol because it looked like a vagina. I'm done thinking about it.

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