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Which one of THESE fetishes would you be most willing to deal with?

You meet your ideal mate. Only thing is they have this kink...

Which one would you be most willing to indulge?

(Not all of these are the full definitions of the fetish. Some are specifically what they would expect of you while having the particular kink).

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silvereyes 8 Dec 18

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Lick your eyeball? Bugs crawling on you? Hell fucking no.

Riley Level 6 Dec 18, 2017
  • Shudder *

Sucking toes seems reasonable-have shower together first.


I have had a lot of girlfriends who were way into rocky horror....and, though it isn't my thing, the feminizing thing doesn't bother me....though, being serious is so hard when you wind up looking like a biker in drag....haha

@evestrat we got some!


I ain't suckin' NOBODY'S nasty toes.

My toes don't smell .

Toe jam. That is all I need to say.

Yo, wash the toes, don’t just pull off sweat work boots and peel the sticky sock off and start sucking. That’s pretty nasty.

NothinnX, not even then. No way, for Nobody.

'Specially if she got 'Hammer Time' in her shoes.

My old fiance loved my feet. He loved rubbing my feet, sucking my toes and he loved to paint my toenails.


I was wondering how long it would be before I saw a fetish post. 😀


Would it be ok if i sit this one out? i am no willing to do any of that.


Back in the 70's college GF used to suck my eyeballs everywhere we were... first and only one, 4.0 grade 18 year old ahead of her times. Her Pleasure, not mine. Experimentation, I dated exhibitionists but who hasn't? Now My "Me Too" moment... as a Cable/Network Installer often enough customers will ask you to take off your boots or to wear bonnies... this individual I was setting up his internet router asked me to take out my boots to keep his just moved in carpet clean. I did but after setting it up the router he tried to kiss my feet (I had socks on of course). Strange!!! The first website he accessed to test the internet was a foot fetish site... Then Offered me money for taking my socks off. Last time I felt like going Medieval on somebody. I declined and he don't know how close he was of being hurt Badly. My job was more important to me than giving him a whup with all the tools in my tool bag. Now the story did not ended there.... Because Life is Ridiculously Funny like that... 3 days prior I had signed a contract and give rent money etc to move on the same apartment complex. Maybe that is what kept me from violence. I couldn't believe that... I did reported the individual to my supervisor right away. He will be Flag in the system. Life never stops from amusing me. he, he, ha, he, ha, ha. I am very secure and comfortable speaking of embarrassing moments and I have a truck load I guess. With the Right Partner in Life and Love The Universe Expands beyond Comprehension!!!! But got to be the Right Partner.

Hahaha. thanks for the laugh 😀


Where's none of the above ???


Okay, out with it Silvereyes... which one do YOU have????? X-)


@silvereyes Conveniently left out the one that applies to you? lol


None of the above. Not one of them sounds appealing.

Betty Level 7 Dec 18, 2017

The foot one, for whatever reason, bothers me the most. Just YUCK. And I definitely couldn't do the eyeball one, but I could handle any of the others.

I selected furries as the one I'd be most willing to tolerate since I'm a bit of a furry fan myself. 😛

And my only qualm with transvestism... I am transgender. And my identity isn't a fetish. I realize that this IS a legitimate fetish for some people, but I would have a hard time being in a relationship with someone who reduced my reality to a sexual fetish.


Definitely feederism; I don't fatten and I exercise enough. There is no way I'd gain any weight, so there's no risk involved.

@silvereyes Not my problem, TBH. If she's persistent, I'll just keep getting good food.

Yeah, I actually try to gain weight and fail (5'8" 120 lbs), so I'm right there with you.


I voted the last one, as I'm big on costumes. And years ago, I gave a party, for no particular occasion. The men came dressed as women - the women, as men.

It was quite awesome, and interestingly revealing. I heard men complaining about their pantyhose, and how uncomfortable it was walking in heels. And my mustache tickled - though I really liked the way I looked.
People came on to one another as the gender they were dressed in - thus women became more aggressive. Fun to watch.

And by the end of the night (and I don't drink - mind you) , a man, dressed as a nurse - who was also sporting big red beads around his neck, and a full beard - looked perfectly normal to me !
A grand time, truly ...

not a great thought for me being in a G-string with a hairy nut hanging out each side but I quite like a woman dressed in a nice suit

@LeighShelton It's called shaving. Try it. lol

would shaved nuts look better then?

perhaps consider something with more coverage ?


Ewwwww to the bugs!


So, myy thoughts on this list:

  • Foot fetishism: I kind of have an anti-foot fetish. I'd have to think her feet were especially not gross to suck her toes. The odds aren't in her favor.
  • Feederism: Way too unhealthy. No thanks.
  • Maschalagia: I'm far too ticklish to have her rubbing on my pits.
  • Furries: Not my thing, but whatever floats her boat. I'll play dress-up if she likes.
  • Formicophilia: I don't hate bugs especially, but I'd be hesitant to take this one very far.
  • Oculolinctus: Nope. I'm not licking your eye, and you're not licking mine. Too dangerous, too easy to spread disease and cause infection.
  • Exhibitionish: When I was younger I would have been somewhat into this. She can flash whomever she likes, though.
  • Transvestism: Nothing I'm into, and it would feel a little silly, but I'd play along a bit.

I don't think I have any legit fetishes. Some kink fantasies, perhaps, but no outright fetishes that are required for stimulation or satisfaction.

I draw a distinction between a fetish and a kink in that a fetish is required for sexual arousal and/or gratification, whereas a kink is totally optional.

Yes, @bingst, that's what I was trying to say at the end but perhaps wasn't very clear. A real fetish, though some people confuse the term, is a clinical condition and is a requirement for gratification. Kinks are just alternative interests, I think.

I was planning on saying that anyway. I was just expounding on what you had said. 😀
And you're right. A lot of people use the terms interchangeably, not realizing that there's a difference.


I, uh... well, I think... um, yeah....


@silvereyes If Ms. Perfection wants to share her Green Eggs and Ham, I’ll bite. The outcome, however, may not be so appetizing.


Girl I love your posts....????


Nothing wrong with nice clean feet.


No BDSM at all?!?!? You will pay for this, slime. 😛

So furries...I've yet to try it but of the choices given...if she'll wash the costumes... (kids line up for their parades in San Francisco...if their parents only knew.)

Of the others I've done armpits and toes awhile but mixed with other amorous activities...and transvestism ONCE. It did nothing for me but she was right: I could wear her cloths.

Speaking of fetishes which may or may not include a Winged Windy Unicorn this is for you!

Ode to the Winged Windy Unicorn for SilverEyes

awww, sheesh!!! have 20 thumbs???


None of them. If I hear the word fetish from a guy, I run. Lol.



uhoh...I better be good then. unfetish?


Fetish! Are you running? lol


This is funny,Armpits is a new one me ,but this is more of a male on female act I take it...though I stand to be corrected.

I did have a girlfriend who like her closed eyelids licked,open eyeballs being licked is very strange though,maybe you have that wrong.
Personally I love bear shoulders..but now we going into too much detail......


Ugh with this. I think this is to mask insecurities or lack of fundamentals or something. Id freak out if someone tried to lick my eyeballs. i know people wil be all " don't kink shame", but really..

well I didn't freak out and she did it everywhere in public.

no miss, I don't mean you specifically, but more this fetishism thing in general. It seems to take the focus off the person. and the interaction is all about dressing as elves or something. I just think that people should be in touch with themselves first and THEN its ok to play Avengers or something. Its easy to get carried away with it. relationships should be real. people should be able to get it on without a steamer trunk full of props, or a unicorn suit, every once in a while.


I'll have to go with Exhibitionist. None of the other options even remotely appeal to me! lol

balou Level 8 Dec 18, 2017

this is about where im at.


Oh, @Silvereyes, you do so make it worth my while to check my email each morning - for such anticipation, thank you!

I dunno about this one ... y'know what they say about never saying never. But the bugs and eyeballs would probably be out for me. And cosplaying is pretty standard with a lot of my friends (and fun) so ... I guess as long as everyone knows - and obeys - the safe words, it could be worth a shot.

@silvereyes, I guess my mind had moved beyond your list by the time I got to safe words. But, hey, never underestimate those furries. (^.^)


Nope, not a one, I'd rather be single. I'm not boring, really!

ags2 Level 5 Dec 18, 2017
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