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QUESTION UFOs 'Are Real': Ex-Navy Pilot Describes Encounter With Tic-Tac-Shaped Extraterrestrial

More and more information is coming to light about extraterrestrials and the govt cover-ups. How this will affect our society, less alone, religious fanatics is uncertain, but I hope to live to see the day!

ksmartines 6 Dec 19

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i don't believe in UFO sightings. I don't belive that any planet which has the capability of interstellar space travel through the universe would come here to earth because we are so ignorant and self destructive.


The secret arsenal of aircraft hidden from public eyes is always a possibility. There are weapons that are beyond belief, the patent office has them on record. The patents are viewable they redact the pertinent info. There is a rail gun that shoots a gigawatt of electric, engines that run on hydrogen that is separated from water. Once found a patent for something called a new cell battery used nuclear waste to make a battery last as long as 500 years. I have no doubt that what that pilot claims to have encountered is something made here on this planet.


Here it is trump trying to place himself in history as the world leader that spilled the beans... he can continue kissing my behind until the rapture is completed!!!!!!! Fake News.


The reason we call them UFOs is that one word... UNIDENTIFIED. Unidentified does NOT automatically translate to "aliens."

Until you can explain the physics behind how such a craft would travel light years, with biological life aboard-somehow able to 'survive' the millions of years of travel, and interact with a culture they wouldn't know much about, who's viruses they probably wouldn't have developed immunities to, and yet manage to "embed" themselves into our government, we have to take the "null" hypothesis. It's either "unidentified," or there's a perfectly logical, earthly explanation for it.


Here is the original video as released. Nowhere near as dramatic as the other videos I've seen, but exciting, nonetheless. The Target Acquisition equipment on the F/A - 18 is incredibly good and quick, but it wasn't quick enough to track the object when it moved off to the left.


Yeah! I saw it as I was reading CNN News. Front page too.


Are UFO’s real? Certainly, until they're identified.


Keep looking up every time you think of it. Eventually you will see them. They must be playful people and get a kick out of dropping by for a giggle at mans efforts to save this planet from greed and stupidity. You'll notice they are much higher than air line planes yet move considerably faster to the naked eye. Just keep it to yourself and forget about it. We have a few years yet before the point of no return.


This happened back in 2004. Who quashed his report - why is this coming out now?

There is a standard protocol that is followed. No one trying to cover up anything, just SOP. One of the reasons pilots don't like reporting stuff is all the paperwork afterward and potential problems with advancement down the line.


I find that hard to swallow.

godef Level 7 Dec 19, 2017

That is a contrived video. The actual video that was released shows no more than a blob that holds steady in the HUD until the aircraft is closing on it, then it moves rapidly off to the left. The actual sighting was interesting enough, but this, including the chatter, has been assembled for consumption. They're probably making a good deal of click money off of it. I'll go back to see if I can retrieve the original (real) video and information.


I remember as an adolescent telling my dad I believed life existed on other planets. His response: "Of course it doesn't. If there was, Jesus Christ would have to go there TOO to die for THEIR sins."

I had to give my head a shake.

More to your point, I hear rumours from here and there that information is being held back for the reason that full disclosure would incite mass hysteria and panic. Being a skeptic, I'll damn well believe it when I see it. Until then, I'm alien-agnostic.

Ditto. And, that was the same reasoning my mother used about possible alien life.

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