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Who created God?

Do people that believe in a God ever wonder who created Him, and so on...? I question the beginning and end equally.. If you was to divide 2 into 100, where does it end? How far out does space go? Just curious! ❤️

RawLuv 4 May 27

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Who created god(s)? My answer is humans created god(s) to explain the unknown and to soften the harshness of reality on a bad day.


When about 15 I asked Mom, Dad wasn't around, "How was God created?" and she said, "He just always was." I then asked, "Why couldn't the Universe always be?" She had no answer, and said, "It's just the way it is." My thought, Ignorant answer.

I also asked, "If a Chinese baby born to non-Christian parents never hears about Christ, what happens if it dies before it can speak?" (There were news reports of Chinese babies starving at the time, circa 1959. She said, "The baby goes to hell because it wasn't Baptized." My next question, "Why does God punish innocent babies?" She: "That's the way it is." My thought, Ignorant answer.

Those questions sealed my conversion from Christian to agnostic.


Men created god as a means of control, money and power.

Oh yeah it’s all men’s fault what about shiva I know no man created that over powered goddess of destruction. Who’s the equivalent in western culture Aries, Loki, Satan all male. I’m joking by the way.


Rulers of countries created god to keep people in line and used god as a scare tactic that is still used today! In the old days they would sacrifice people to the gods and in more recent practices they used animals! Now they just use fear and the threat of an eternity in fire as god loves everyone!lmao


The Kalām Cosmological Argument is considered one of the better arguments in favor of an eternal God, though I find it to be flawed in a couple of significant ways. The argument basically says that anything that begins to exist must have a cause, asserts that the universe began to exist, and concludes that there must therefore be an uncaused cause, arguing that an infinite series of causes is impossible. William Lane Craig's apologetics hinges on this argument, and he expands it to describe this eternal cause to be the infinite God of Christianity. The chief reason I find the KCA to be unconvincing is that it assumes that causality as we know it is the same outside the universe despite time as we understand it likely being an emergent property of the universe itself. I also think there are a number of other assumptions made, e.g., that the universe began to exist (as it is, we don't know a lot about the origin of the universe or whether the hot, dense ball of material always existed), or that an uncaused cause would necessarily be sentient. William Lane Craig makes his case not just for an uncaused cause but also for it being the Judeo-Christian God, though his justification for that (in debates I've seen) is ultimately that there's a measure of faith and revealed truth involved. I find the entire argument to be quite unsatisfying, but many scholarly people accept it as profound and even airtight logic.

With Occam's razor you can say the initiation of the universe was itself an uncaused cause and save yourself a step.

Anthropocentric. We aren't that special, and in the context of time won't be around long. Maybe there is no cause. We just are. Enjoy the ride........

Surely suggesting there must be a cause for everything, except for a god is 'special pleading', and can easily therefore be dismissed?

Some contemporary theists see nothing wrong with the view that the natural world has always existed and,hence, think St. Thomas' "Third Way" (The Argument from Contingency) is still superior to Craig's resurrected Kalam version of the argument. I.e., "Even if the natural world (which is contingent) has always existed, there must exist a necessary being (=God) to account for it.

@Gareth Well,defenders of the cosmological argument would claim that this still leaves a gap in the explanation. The term, "uncaused cause," is unfortunate because the idea is more that of a "self-caused cause." I think the clearer expression is that of a "necessary being" (=a being that cannot not-exist) as contrasted with the "contingent beings" of the natural world (=beings that can not-exist).

@Wallace But that changes nothing. The universe can be "self-caused" and non-contingent too. Unless a term (such as "existence" or "spirit" or "mana" ) has a definable radius it can be applied or withheld at will. This is why scholastic theology is of interest only to historians; it's a busted flush.


"God has always existed" strikes me as the most vacuous answer imaginable. So, what changed that caused him to create the universe? If he was infinitely old he would have done it already and it would be over by now.


God was created by man, in man's image with all our qualities.


"God is a concept by which we measure our pain".

Ahh. A favourite Lennon quote.


Human created god of course. Most believer believe everything was created by a god that wasnt. This doesnt make any sense if human needed a create because they think we are too complex to come exist by nature process. By default god would be more complex and would also need a creator.
Human have a increaditable need to know everything and a god solves this problem. If i don't know therefore god did it.

They just blindly accept this without question.
There a story i believe it in greek mythology that talks about a goodness that created yaweh


He was probably MADE IN CHINA

You mean cheap, defective, and will be broke in a week?

@Holysocks Ha ha Lol yes indeedy, now a German made god would be far more expensive, but it would work very well, and would be guaranteed for a lifetime.

Well, if you take the time to perfect what you are trying to foist, you gain a reputation.

@Holysocks Yes an elegant point.. in fact one or two nations have literally based much of their clichéd culture on this very premis.
I suppose you get what you pay for !


"Religion began when the first charlatan met the first fool." - Voltaire


People who needed an explanation, in the absence of scientific inquiry or recorded history, for the natural phenomena that affected and controlled their lives. This also describes those that continue to "believe" in religion and other magical constructs.


That is my question i have been asking always.



Gohan Level 7 May 28, 2018

The mind of humans. It was created there and that is where it remains.


The answer is obvious: God's God!


Enter Special Pleading.


I have had this argument with "believers" before, and some of them well educated and highly intelligent. They tell me that god must exist because the world exists. I ask them, "why?" the answer by pointing to the building that we are standing in and saying, "Someone had to build this. It didn't create itself. Someone had to design and build us, too, and that was God". I respond, "OK, that's reasonable. So, who created God?" Their answer: "no one created God. God has always existed." I say, "don't you see the paradox in that? You tell me all of this is too complex to exist without a designer, yet you tell me that the most complex thing I can imagine exists eternally and without a creator. That makes no sense at all." Their answer is that there is no paradox because of faith. "So you believe it just because you want to?" I can no longer follow them after that.

The pastor of the church that I belonged to when I was a kid eventually gave the same answer when I pressed for an answer. “Faith.”

When you get down to it, God is simply the Great Cosmic Question Mark.

I had that same conversation way back in high school with someone who couldn't wrap his mind around the obvious. "Everything that exists must have a creator" and "God exists but doesn't requite a creator" makes zero sense. Stirring in faith is like trying to strike a match on a wet cake of soap while insisting that there Will Be Fire! 😛


How can anyone/anything create an object that does not exist.
Like asking who created the fairies.


Jordan Peterson.


Ancient humans. Out of their own ignorance.


Lol that one’s easy, humans invented ..errr created god. Hah! Suppose it’s easy to interpreted this as a beginning living on a planet where life has a beginning and an end. Space may not be so simple?


Who created god? god did of course! 🙂🙂🙂!



The alleged gawds do not have penis and testicles or any aspect of existence. ...who created Pinocchio ? Both irrational questions predicated upon false assumptions. ...there is zero evidence to even justify capitalizing the gibberish sound god

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