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Why isn't it being used in this manner. Is there proof?


So many benefits. So little time.


Another bullet dodged!


before i saw the whole title i thought this was about dental placque


That's okay, pardon me for staying "au naturale".

@McVinegar not natural in my body, was not part of my dna when I was born, when I smoked it at 12, when I quit at 27, when I checked today at 64. A lot of plants are poison but they are "natural", want me to invite you to some? They are "natural".

@McVinegar So you fear poison and I am not interested in weed/pot/grass/cannabis anymore. Cool!


Works for me.


I've been saying this since waaaay before we heard any scientific studies. Alzheimer's is something I'm all too familiar with. It ran rampant in my Mom's family. She died with it, as did her mother and at least 6 of 11 siblings. I've used weed since I was a teenager. Maybe I've been using it as a "reason," but I've always had the thought that it will keep my neurons sticky.


They are also conducting studies on Turmeric (Curcumin) for the same issue. They suspect that it too may help remove and stop build up of plaque in the brain. Interesting stuff.

curry for everyone

@btroje ha ha 👍


Link is to []

If confirmed by another lab, this should result in increased pressure on the government to allow medical marijuana.

@artnerd yw


Choosing to grow cannabis in your own home for personal use is a human right.


It's the wonder drug apparently. I'm currently trying it for my UC IBD. After a couple of weeks it's seems to be having a positive effect.

I'm using oil by the way. It tastes truly foul!


Thanks for the link. Good read.



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