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You got some hotty gnomes in your house?

Hmmmm....what you think? My wife and her girlfriend.

By BucketlistBob8
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They don't look like gnomes that my gnomes would want to hang out with.

Lol... well heck brother... my garden is a little different then

@BucketlistBob My gnomes are mean!

@AstralSmoke ours are harmless..

@BucketlistBob I don't have pics of mine. They've tried to steal my camera before.


I can't unsee this. ain't so bad...


That is adorable!


They really sell this shit?

All day long...

@BucketlistBob ????

@AmelieMatisse. Lol.... come on now... smile...


They're not hotties to a straight woman like me.

I don't get it... these are straight hotties.
My wife and her next door neighbor friend. Hmmm....?


For them to be hotties for me, they'd need to be hunky male gnomes.

But then they wouldn't be hotties for you.

@Ellatynemouth. Lol.... now I get

@Ellatynemouth yeah but I want something better than mannequins!! Geeze it's a lonely old world! LOL

@AmelieMatisse. Awww.... shucks...



Coldo Level 8 May 28, 2018


Took the word right out of my mouth.


Somewhere a couple elves are bookmarking for a sleeping cobbler, borrowing 50 from the register and getting ready to hit the town.

Wurlitzer Level 8 May 28, 2018

Not for my yard, but amusing.


Not for my yard, but amusing.

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