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Pawning/selling wedding jewelry

For those that are divorced, what did you do with your engagement ring and wedding band?

My divorce was super amicable and I had planned on giving my rings to my daughters when they're older. Now I need cash and I'm going to see what I can get for them. I'm feeling a little guilty though.

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Marcie1974 8 May 30

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I sold mine and ended up dating the owner of the jewelry store I sold it to. I guess he really knew I was single at that point LOL.

Ha! Yeah.

The jeweler who disassembled mine asked me out, as well.
We dated for a year.

@Donotbelieve @SonderOpia

Damn, I never considered the benefits of becoming a jeweler.

@JimG lol

@Donotbelieve at least they know we are single lol.


My wedding ring is beautiful and I love it. Not because it holds any significance for my marriage. It's just a beautiful ring. And it was expensive, in my opinion. So I'm holding on to it. I can trade it in for something else when the time is right.

Mine isn't especially nice and I doubt it is worth much. Really needing rent money and do not want to ask my parents. I don't really think my kids will use it....thought perhaps their kids (my future grandchildren) might like it down the road.

@Marcie1974 no need to feel guilty. If you need money then you should sell it.


It no longer had any meaning, and I needed the money. Sold.


I had a jeweler friend disassemble my rings and reform them into earrings for my oldest daughter and a necklace for my youngest.


I was drunk, in a truck with two guys I met at a bar and tossed my rings out the window somewhere on I4. Not the smartest plan but it felt right in the moment and I really don't regret it


I had to pay rent. Pawned my ring for $800.00 Never looked back.. and I have NO regrets!
My adult daughters wouldn’t have wanted it. They choose extremely different styles.
Good luck with your decision.

Leah Level 5 May 31, 2018

The jeweler isn’t taking marquee cut diamonds and only offered $57 for the gold. Went to the pawn shop, he eyeballed it and only offered $150 ?


Ours were sterling silver. I took mine and melted it into an ingot, stamped it with its element and purity, and added a ring on top so I could wear it around my neck if I needed a reminder. So you could say that it has now been 'purified by fire'.


I don't wear jewelry. Seems barbaric, to me to, expect someone to wear a hunk of metal around an appendage to symbolize something. Odd behavior if you ask me....

Yep, I never wore a ring, I had one but never felt comfortable wearing it. The job at the time didn't want us having rings on during work.


Caveat. I sold my engagement ring which was from a marriage that never actually happened. In hindsight, I should have given it back to him, but he was dumb enough to send it to me from the Air Force when I was 15, so...

Oh, so for you - sell it. No guilt.


After my divorce my ex was having some financial problems, and she told me she was selling her rings, so I gave her mine as well, plus some other gold pieces I had.

That’s so nice of you!


I kept it. If I needed money, I'd take it to see what it was worth because I don't have any attachment to it.


Sold it all, and had silver braclet made for son, with engagement ring diamond. Had "Shine On" ingraved on it.

Love that


I have mine, no clue if my ex sold hers or not but as I recall hers was a few grand and mine was $700. ... I bet if i went to sell it it would be worth far less... it’s in a jewelry box, not thought about in years, maybe I’ll sell it having seen this post, I can always use another guitar.


I pawned my wedding rings. They were lovely, but had no place in my life or wardrobe. I certainly didn't want to give them to my daughter. Out with the old!


When my late wife's cancer was coming to an end,I took my ring off when she closed her eyes and exhaled one last time,I've still got it 8 months later,not sure if I should sell or keep it,but 26 of the 27 years were good ones.

I think this is certainly different than for those of us whose relationships ended in divorce. If there are no negative associations, I assume you could save it for a family member to use or wear it on a chain. But then again, the memories are yours regardless what you do with the ring.

@ladyprof70 I never had kids,marrying when I was 43,the low paying jobs and the "Gold Diggers"had me quit dating for about 16 years time,only when I got a job in Aerospace could I afford to get a wife.


Jewelry has such a high retail mark-up and such a low re-sell value.
You'll probably be better off keeping them and passing them on to the daughters to save them the expense in the future.


Sold it.
If you go to a pawn shop, be prepared to be insultingly lowballed.

I took it to a jewelry store that also buys jewelry. They aren’t buying marquee cut diamonds and said she could just offer me money for the gold. Which ended up being $57.

Went to Pawn America and he eyeballed it and said he’d pay $150 for it. Nope!


I still have my wedding ring because it's not worth much. I think the titanium bands cost less than $100 each. Can't even melt it down. I should probably toss it in the donation box. Maybe it's bringing bad juju into my personal life!

dkp93 Level 7 May 30, 2018

No vote. Within 2 weeks of marriage I lost my ring, I told her to take hers off. 19 years later we got divorced. The ring was a big thing for her. Never was a thing for me. I don't wear jewerly of any kind, anywere. If I ever get married again, there will be no rings, I do no labels or brandings. Not a marriage ring person.


I had the stones from my wedding ring reset into a pendant and earrings. i had pearls added, so they look completely different. i still have the engagement ring, though. i might sell it one day. probably should...


My last husband never actually gave me a ring. Symbolic of our farce of a marriage, I suppose.

Deb57 Level 8 May 30, 2018

I let her keep them. I was done.


Thank you for the idea


Never been captured so I've never had one.


Why does one have to be divorced? My late partner's ring was a problem. Her daughter didn't want it and I don't know what to do with it. She donated her other jewelry and other valuable items to our local domestic violence awareness group but the ring got left out. I'd hate to sell it so I'll just keep it for now.

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