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They are suppressed to even vote.

Marine Level 8 July 27, 2018

It's all relative, poor in Canada is very different than poor in Manila.

The effect however is the same. We have millions of people living on the streets in the U.S. now with no real way out and they're dying in droves from preventable medical issues. Relative poverty is still poverty.


Sad truth, the poor are disposable and struggling to live on a daily basis. That they tend not to vote makes it all that much worse.

That poor people are often highly critical of other poor people doesn't help either. I've worked with impoverished people who were strangely conservative whether they vote or not.

@Naills1675 yes. That's what subpar education and a steady diet of church and fox news will get you.


If you have good health care you can survive many health problems. But we allow the poor to die without health care. It is a disgusting Republican "don't care" attitude.


Is it really the case that most rich people are conservative?

Met some rich people in my work as a musician, especially solo piano. Some are really cool, most are not and many don't really care about the music, I'm there in my tux as window dressing for their rich friends.

As a general rule yes, hence the findings of this study.

@Blindbird what is it about left-leaning people that makes them poor?

@CraeftSmith you have it backward. Some poor people are left leaning because they see the injustices of our political and economic systems. We live with the consequences every day. Middle class left folk are sliding into poverty bit by bit. Stagnant wages for teachers, college professors kept as adjuncts etc and the general economic trend of money collecting at the "top" are all contributing to driving more and more of the classically left leaning demographics into economic decline.

@CraeftSmith honestly this one deserves a post of its own. It is difficult to climb the economic ladder in the best of times. The last 30 years have seen massive decreases in that social mobility. Most social mobility these days trends downward. Being smart and working hard hasn't been enough to pull oneself out of poverty in a long time, though that myth persists

@Blindbird I know a lot of poor conservatives. I wonder why they don't see the injustices in the system

@CraeftSmith. I'm going with brainwashing via religion and a steady diet of fox news & propaganda.


In the current corporatocracy that we live in, productivity and efficiency are the sacred cows that must never be questioned or infringed upon. The poor are at the bottom of the production line, they fill those positions that are menial but essential but once those workers reach old age they become not only nonproductive but a drain on the system. In the interests of maintaining profitability it only makes sense to cut this dead weight on the system, especially the poor because they bring no money to the table for investment or consumption in this system.
That the survivors are more conservative is simply an added bonus as it helps to perpetuate this heartless system and it reinforces the notion that we all must be profitable and productive units in order to justify our existence within the system.
I know this is madness but this is an asylum planet so what could be more natural?

You are entirely correct. I suspect that calling such observations insanity is qn integral part of keeping that system running. Classic gaslighting on a general social scale.


The implications are pretty obvious once you see them, and a good example of how water is invisible to those who swim in a sea of privilege. I'm guilty myself, I have big medical bills even though I have pretty good health insurance.(and I bitch about it) Even though in theory anyone can go to an emergency room and be seen, their health can be very compromised long before.




This is a very thought provoking article. First thing it brings to mind is our need for medical care for everyone and secondly is equal school systems for all children as we need kids to grow and thrive and move forward through available education and I will add free and low cost opportunities to go to college. A lot of the poor in my area are generationally held down by lack of services and opportunities. The disparity of available good schools and medical care for the poor vs the monied is staggering. Our current political structure is broken.


The irony is the Pubs have passed a draconian tax bill that removes money from social services to assure older poor people die at an earlier age; even though, the Pubs voting demographic tends to be older people who are conservative. Their thinning the ranks of the poor seems to increase the number of progressives relative to conservatives.

*They're thinning... Good comment.


some poor people barely get path birth yet others spend £30,000,000 on a wedding


I never thought about it that way with the voting. Also poor people have a harder time with transportation and so do seniors sometimes so low income elderly probably have a much harder time making it to the polls.

MsAl Level 8 June 1, 2018

That's shocking. Everything is class!


I'm anxiously awaiting to see how we vote come November.

I am as well. In order for the much anticipated "Blue Wave" to become a reality democrats need to stay highly motivated. I will be working to get people to the polls.

The primaries show us there are more progressive candidates than previously. The Blue Wave seems to be coming; although, most Dems take PAC money which means they are little different from Pubs. The Blue Wave may be impotent if too many "centrist" Dems remain.

I am also, but I am not very optimistic.

@jlynn37 same here. Still so much apathy and dirty political tricks put in place to keep the status quo.

Poor people don't vote because duopoly does not change the low wage high unemployment system..... WWW.HOWIEHAWKINS.US can only win and change the system by one million of us each register 50 voters and get them to vote peace through Green jobs living wages 20 dollars per hour free healthcare organic food pure water clean air and safe housing for all

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