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Can you name the next president?

If you could, who would you nominate to run against tRump in 2020, on both the Republican side (up to the primaries), and on the Dermocratic (or Green or .....) side, and be fairly confident of your candidate's victory over tRump? Assume for purpose of answering this question that we have a fair, participatory election process in which at least 60% of voting age citizens actually cast a ballot!

By FallenAngel635
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Whoever runs against Trump will have my vote. I literally don't care if it's a bucket of rocks.

What kind of rocks?

I would vote for a pot of paste with dog poo in it over Trump, but I really hope we can do a bit better than that.

are you using your brains,please tune out the fake news,partisanship,news of omission .and lastly educate yourself about the facts not emotions.

@PetroMcIntire are you a troll?


Bernie. If he had gotten the Dem nomination last time he would have beaten Trump. The only reason he didn't was Hillary illegally took over the DNC months before her nomination.

msar0414 Level 6 June 1, 2018

@Zella789 it's not a mistake. The most common reason people don't vote for a candidate is because they don't think that candidate can win. If this attitude can be changed, guys like Bernie can win in a landslide


I only hope it isn't Trump!


anybody else. anybody else. anybody else. I've never been ashamed of America until they elected this fool. I knew exactly what I thought of him when he mocked that disabled journalist. that was all I needed to know about what kind of person he was. and the crowd cheered. if you're in that crowd I think the same of you. no excuses.

hankster Level 9 June 4, 2018

I cannot believe what our country has become

@AmelieMatisse It's kind of awful to watch it from here in Canada. It affects our economy, our environment and our quality of life and there nothing we can do about it.

@RobRoseBC I'm sorry, it's embarrassing on this side.

Ditto on all of the above. I have never been so disgusted with a leader, a so-called leader, in my lifetime


Consider these facts about Bernie Sanders:
1) Entered the Democratic Primary with 3% in the polls, and ended with 43% of votes
2) Every poll with Sanders and Trump had Bernie winning (mostly with double digits).
3) Continues to be the most popular politician in America

Marz Level 7 June 1, 2018

Bernie Sanders is a 76 year old socialist with a history of rape fantasies and whose wife is under criminal investigation. He's a dream opponent for Trump, but Trump won't be that lucky. Maybe he will have to run against someone like Amy Klobuchar, and she wouldn't be easy to attack.

Dems cut their own throats.

I wonder about his age? He has the energy and the clout, but...

@doug6352 that's seriously your argument against Bernie?

" with a history of rape fantasies and whose wife is under criminal investigation."
Sounds a lot like our current president so.... smile009.gif

@TheMiddleWay I wasn't aware that Mrs. Trump is under criminal investigation. Is inventing facts to suit yourself the way you earned your PhDs? LOL

@Marz Flashback: Bernie Sanders Praised Socialist Venezuela as Model for Ending Income Inequality []

Seems I hit a nerve.. by pointing out the president also has sexual misconduct and many of his administration are under criminal investigation...
... and by having a PhD!!!! LOL

@TheMiddleWay You implied that Mrs Trump is under criminal investigation, which is not accurate. Mrs Sanders is. []

I implied it sounded LIKE our president, given the allegations of sexual misconduct on his end and the criminal investigations of his administrations.

It was a simile not a direct comparison.


I'm fine with Trump winning again.

How nice for you....

agree, results counts vs fakenews


Rosanne Barr if recent experience is anything to go by. ?

DaveMania Level 6 June 2, 2018

Roseanne Barr is no more qualified to be president than Dotard Donald, disastrous!


I like Kamala Harris and Tammy Duckworth. Trump will, no doubt, run, but someone needs to beat him.


I would like to see a scientist as our next president. That way her or him can look at these climate change deniers in congress and say. Seriously are you kidding me?

Mikeb56 Level 6 June 1, 2018

No one.
45 is going to declare martial law, suspend the Constitution, disband Congress, and install himself as Emperor for life.

KKGator Level 9 June 1, 2018

installing martial law is not that simple and will never happen. been thru the same stuff with Obama and now people are sayin Trump is gonna do it. martial law will never be installed unless a WW3 of epic proportions happens.

@jorj This kind of bullshit did not happen under Obama.

@KKGator conservatives talked about FEMA building concentration camps for when Obama claimed martial law all over the internet. i personally went thru the process of what it would take for a president to claim martial law for a guy and explained to him why its just not gonna happen. its not that simple for every branch of government to give up their power to one man.

@jorj Things are very different under 45. The "regular" rules don't seem to apply anymore. He doesn't give a rat's ass about the Rule of Law, or the Constitution.

@KKGator it doesnt matter what Trump cares about, the rest of the government is not gonna lay down for him to that level.


Anyone Else

lerlo Level 7 June 1, 2018

Nobody. The country will implode.

That's my fear


I am definitely rooting for bernie sanders, his policy substance and overall outlook on the direction america needs to go in i believe is definitely the right direction, with medicare for all and tuition free college i believe bernie will do it ?

I fear he may be too old, and tired, to try again.


I unrealistically hope there isn't one as we come together to make things better for the 99%. F the 1.

mt49er Level 7 June 1, 2018

President RuPaul.

Anything is possible now, and I bet he would do a better job than most lol

That would be devastatingly delicious! I had thought Mr Rogers would be great but darn he died. At least he wanted everyone to be his neighbor


Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty against tRump in the Republican primaries. That will take about 2/3 of tRump's base right out from under his fat ass. Lol.

Yogisan Level 7 June 1, 2018



Maybe Flake as a Republican, I don't know he is a mess too but may be workable. Dems Corey Booker or Joe Kennedy but again it's a jungle out there. At this point it is anyone but Cheeto man.

@SassyLady it's a mess, isn't it?

@Palacinky I totally agree but who else is out there on their side who is even remotely centrist that would get the blessing of the RNC

@Palacinky yep, they gotta deep six the tea partiers. I dislike them all anyway but the Dems better pull it together. Maybe they are waiting to see what happens in November



zesty Level 7 Feb 24, 2019

I love Elizabeth Warren but I think she serves us best in the Senate.

At this point, I’d welcome a fence post taking office.



gater Level 7 June 2, 2018

That belongs in the dung pile


Poor Dems, can't find a single candidate

gater Level 7 June 1, 2018

@SassyLady He spanked your Hillary didn't he?

@gater actually know he didn't.

@SassyLady Sexual predator? you have any evidence? - Trump is a genius and is repairing this country - you need to grow up

He made it easy and confessed

@CallMeDave Source?

@gater Seriously? It's on audio and video tape and was broadcast on every news outlet for a week. He acknowledged he said it.

@CallMeDave you might as well give up. that horse will die from thirst before it drinks any Kool-Aid that's not Trump flavored.

@CallMeDave So it shouldn't be hard for you to provide a link

@gater She got over 3 million more votes than he did so, no he didn’t.

@Woolncathairs Of course he did - what? Hillary didn't know it was the electoral college that mattered? You all should be so happy that Trump won - hes repairing this fucked up country!

@gater How is it fucked up? Be specific and give credible answers. In my opinion, he is the reason this country is fucked up. In fact, I would be willing to say that’s his forte. He fucks things up faster than anyone I’ve ever seen. When it comes to fucking things up, he’s a winner!

@gater, @Woolncathairs Illegal votes most likely

If the Republicans could have decided on one Trump never would have won.
He only managed to win because everyone but Ted Cruse dropped out.
Trump win a battle of attrition.

@SassyLady why do you think he got elected in the first place ? you think voters made a mistake ?

@Woolncathairs Incompetent leaders of our past.


I am not a Republican, but I do admire Jeff for Democrat, I will have to wait and see, the people that have something to offer...may be keeping a low profile! I almost...for the first time in my life am tired of hearing about any US President! I am exhausted from keeping tabs on this one! Like it matters...


Bernie and tulsi.

Buddha Level 7 June 1, 2018

Tulsi is too good for our political system


Carter was an anti-Nixon/Ford, Reagan/Bush was an anti-Carter. Clinton was an anti-Bush. Bush was an anti-Clinton. Obama was an anti-Bush. Trump is an anti-Obama. The next one will be an anti-Trump. The pendulum swings...

RobRoseBC Level 4 June 1, 2018

So we're made to believe.

Well, this is actually what happened... If you think something else happened, enlighten us.


Its impossible this far out to speculate about the presidential race. At this point in 2006 we didn't know who Obama was.....midterms first then we'll see who can galvanize people out of that.

That isn’t exactly true, Obama was a three term senator and gave the 2004 Democratic keynote speech which put him on the market for the next president. I remember seeing the speech and I remember all the hype that came afterwards. Also I live in Idaho which is far from a hotbed of democratic activity and there was attention about it here. If you didn’t notice at all, you must have barely been paying attention.

Agree. It is too far into the future. Although I was a Hillary voter in 2016, I believe that the "she was owed" or "she is inevitable" mindset around her candidacy may have kept some other newer voices from coming to the fore. And no, NOT Bernie. and NOT Biden. Nothing against them, but they are both TOO OLD.

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