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I hate wrapping presents

While it is somewhat interesting to see how to map a 2D space over a 3D object, it wears thin very quickly. So I go big and I end up with some franken-package that looks like it went through one of the reindeer's digestive tract.

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MustardSeed 7 Dec 21

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In part, I hate it because it's environmentally wasteful.

Gary Level 4 Dec 23, 2017

i hate all of it


Use tinfoil.

Everyone’s gift is getting wrapped in tinfoil this year.

And maybe Saran Wrap


I love to wrap around him


I'm good at wrapping gifts.


I used to do the wrapping thing, and I'd try to get creative with the bows and ribbons. But when the wrapping was just ripped off and discarded in half a second I started to wonder what possessed me to spend so much effort for no appreciation. Now I almost always use gift bags, saves time, effort, and frustration.


I find wrapping presents whilst drinking a large glass of red wine makes the process more enjoyable... or cherry brandy if I really want to feel the love... give it a try


I make drawstring bags for most presents. I sometimes make them Christmas or Birthday themed, and they are reused to gift someone else something. I usually make them for specific people. So they are kind of personalized.


Not me it allows me to express both my creativity and my construction skills, I just hate being asked by other to wrap their presents, nothing but a bunch of lazy bums.


Last weekend, my 7 year old daughter said "I'll wrap your presents for you Daddy" It was a triple win:

  1. I found someone else to wrap my presents (something I hate doing).
  2. She got to wrap the presents (something she loves doing)
  3. I kept her busy and occupied for a few hours learning a new skill.
BD66 Level 7 Dec 22, 2017

i love wrapping presents, but I don't wrap them in wrapping paper. I find creative ways to wrap. Comic strips. Magazine photos. Paper bags. Construction paper. I used ribbons, strings, twine, yarn and add "things." Once I wrapped a gift in brown paper bags. I used some twine. I glued some twigs and leaves and dotted the package with little toy ants and spiders. If it's a "quickie" and I use wrapping paper, then no, it's not fun. If I have time to be creative, then yes, it's fun.

I like to take it to a step beyond that, I like to disguise them as something else, eg snowshoes into a cradle complete with a doll.

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