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Who are you?

Since we have a TON of new people, I thought it would be good to have an updated "get to know you" post

Tell everyone how long you've been here and just a few tidbits about yourself so we can get to know you.

Crimson67 8 June 2

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I’m Melanie, here about a week. By profession I’m an academic and clinical sexuality educator; by avocation I’m a singer, poet, and humanist lay preacher. I’m a divorced mom to three adult daughters and two dogs. I live in New Jersey USA now but would move to the west of my youth in a heartbeat. I started a Unitarian Universalist Singles group on this platform. I joined this site to meet people better suited to me than the folks on dating sites. I’m a non-smoker committed to social justice.

UUNJ Level 8 June 9, 2018


If I haven't missed the boat, I'm Dave... Been on here about three weeks... Cheerful fella; lazy underachiever (but fine with it); aspiring author; ex- aspiring rock-god (didn't even make a ripple, but had fun trying); big old humanist; fan of people in general. ?

....At this very moment, watching a young, wild rabbit nibbling flowers in the garden, and thinking "awwwww".


I am a sailor a politician a daddy a naturist a screenwriter who will not sell my art unless iron clad contract in production. mother named me Larry and my racist father denied our tribal forebears but did teach me all about hunting and natural cures. ...I have rebelled from racist religious bigotry all my life ....for 7 months now I have not found my bride to be ....please Atheist woman of my dreams choose me for peace through green jobs love is all you need....John Lennon Imagine too


Been here a couple of months....Canadian in Canada....happily wed 30 years to Mr. Right (for me!) with 1 spectacular son....enjoy photography, reading (Stephen King is my fav), British shows, with depression daily but still optimistic...adore animals especially our crazy rescue all music but favs are rock from the 50's to the 80's & blues....extrovert at home & with a couple of people, introvert out of the home & around many....warped sense of humour, love to laugh.....nature love with my prairie winters....compassionate, loving, loyal, honest, sometimes bossy.....with age have become more mellow & I don't sweat the small stuff anymore....rarely swear except when driving (all the bad drivers come out when I'm driving! LOL)....pretty laid back, last job was Health Care Aide....62 years of age....still see the best in people & trust son says I'm naive & I think he's right but would rather that way than cynical....haven't quite reached the level of loving myself but still working on it...startle easily (which our son uses to his advantage when he needs a laugh lol)....scared of the all reptiles but not so much spiders & don't even get me started on ticks!....accomplished 2 big things in my bucket list; hot air ballooning & a trip to Europe.....sometimes get verbal diarrhea, like now....& that's about it for now!

@Crimson67 ... need to be horrified, it's all good! (for us, anyway)


Toney here. Just joined last week. Followed a link from Reddit. I'm a father of 3, easy-going, very intelligent and analytical, and I like to go to the gym when my family will let me. I'm a software engineer for an aerospace contractor and also for an aerospace startup (the startup pulls me in for the harder stuff). I'm lucky enough to like what I do.
At one time I considered myself an intellectual but not now - I've mellowed and lightened up with age and experience. I have friends who don't read books for fun now and some of my favorite work buddies even talk about reality tv. I'm still very thoughtful and enjoy discussions about philosophy and ideas, but I also love video games and Netflix.


I am Lance. I hate everything and can’t wait until the sun exhausts it’s fuel and expands to char all remnants of life on Earth. 5 billion years is a long time to wait, though. As a whole, humanity has proven itself unworthy of existence, although on the individual level some of you are actually pretty cool. I’ve got a chip on my shoulder with the loss of my son, and I see no redeeming qualities to humanity. The species has a huge ego problem and will not acknowledge that it is just another primate species. If I were in charge, I would instigate a global sterilization program. I don’t want to kill anyone, I just don’t want y’all to reproduce. One of the best television programs ever produced was Life After People. That is the world that I want to exist.
I view humans as just another animal. I refer to them as male and female, to which some seem to have an issue with. I don’t care. I’m not using the terms derogatorily. I also refer to infants as it when sex can not readily be determined. Ex: What does she see in that male? The doctor is female. If it chases the ball, it’s going to get run over.
I’ve been here for about 6 months. There are some cool people here. This population subset is much more interesting and ethical than the main population, but the subset still consists of humans, so you’ll still find kooks here, just a lesser percentage.
I guess for fun I travel around the country to go to concerts. I chase the Misfits around, Danzig, Dead Cross, Suicidal Tendencies, etc. I started the Metal, Punk, and other Avenues of Aggression group on this site because the Music Fans group was too broad and aggressive music was not getting the audience it deserves.
Often, my words here seem to ramble or even venture into incoherency. That’s my apathy surfacing. I simply don’t care. I used to but with no longer being involved with the donation of genes to future generations coupled with the judging of humanity as not living up to my son’s integrity, well, yeah I don’t care.
I don’t fear death and actually look forward to nonexistence.
Now, with that said, I assume many people would say I’m a dick. Again, I don’t care, however, maybe I’m really here as a last chance for people to change my mind about this species that I find myself to be part of. Or maybe the pain of my existence is something that will always be at the forefront of my self-expression. I don’t know, but until humans start giving a shit about other humans that they don’t even know, I’m just going to sit here judging. But again, some of y’all are pretty cool.
Change my mind.

@AMGT no, I don’t in the least bit. You’re a big contributor to changing my mind ?

Hi, Lance. I am sorry for your pain and the loss of your child, I cannot begin to understand it, but being a father myself, I know I'd be devastated if I lost my daughter and would probably not want to go on. I have absorbed a great deal of material and experience within my life that has, at times, pulled me very close to where you are now, I think. There is so much insanity and negativity extant in the world and it's all, without exception, caused by humans.

We are the most destructive animals on the planet, no doubt; but, we are also the most brilliantly creative, imho, and that is where I hang my hope. As yet I have no grandchildren and don't know if I ever will, but I look around and I see what so many younger people are doing now and it gives me optimism that they will make this a better place to live and lead us into a new era, hopefully, devoid of the ego-driven, species-centric urges that now compel us closer and closer to eradication, not only of our own, but of all other inhabitants of this blue ball we call home.

I see positive scientific advancemnts, social revolution, and a will toward self-preservation arising in places unexpected. And I would urge you to seek out and focus more on the good things about us; there actually are some; the things that lift us up and reveal our potential for enlightenment. Travel, if you can, it's an unparalleled method of education. A broader sense of the world allows you to be more expansive in your thinking. As you age, you will see these things more clearly, and the bitterness and resentments of of a life seemingly cruel will mellow and fade away if you do not try to hold onto them.

Good fortune to you, and please, never give up hope.


I am SpongeBob Big Pants. I live in bikini bottom, inside a pickled pineapple. I like jellyfishing. Hail Neptune!


Oh Maudie I have a ten second memory at best - Born in London , moved around a lot - I have been here in Northern ireland about 25 years. I am 70 years old and enjoying that fact very much. I feel as if i have reached an age where I will bend my knee to no one else ever again and will do exactly what I want to do. I don't want to harm anyone but don't want to put up with nutterguff and don't mind giving them a reality check! I don't look as old as I am which is a pity because people might stay away from me more - I am fairly well educated -three degrees- the first woman plasterer in England .Local Artist in residence -- I love gardening actually love weeding I love people underrating me I have visited lots of other countries to give talks or take classes on offer that were not available here- I feel I have lived in interesting times and been part of something that isn't here any more


I am MARINE . I guess you can tell the branch of service.I was born in Ohio my wife PA. Work brought us to CT? MY wife and I lived through 9/11, My wife was on sidewalk when first plane went in. I was in apt one block away from building two.During this time we maintain a home in CT.We have two daughters in CT and 4grandchildren 3boys one chinese grand daughter. Two have graduated college andtwo are in college. I had an insurance agency my wife was a VP of information with an insurance co.Ihave been retired20 years this month.


Hi@Crimson67. My name is Lisa and I've been here since last November. I've made many friends here and hope to make many more. Traveled to Las Vegas three months ago and spent time with fellow member. Resulted in friendship so I'm single and looking to meet my last love. I've been active on this site-started two groups Singles Group which has amazed me with its rapid growth in less than 2 months, and Cancer Survivors Group which is personal to me. I currently moderate one other group and belong to close to 20.

I live in southern New Hampshire, one hour from Boston, LakesRegion/White Mtns, and the Atlantic Ocean. I own my own home, have one German Shepherd and short-haired cat. Two grown daughters 22 and 34 (just joined site) live with me/live in area. Forced to retire from sales/marketing career six years ago my time is my own and I long to travel should I find a travel partner. Really looking forward and seeing what happens.


I'm an inveterate iconoclast, a science teacher, a hiker, a biker, and a sailor. I have only been part of this online community for a short while, but I like the folks here. I think I'll stick around. ?


I've only been here a few days and haven't even written a bio yet. Here's a tidbit. I love astronomy. My first degree was in that subject and it has been a lifelong love through my science educator career. Like Thomas, this site may replace Facebook for me (wouldn't take much), except for keeping up with family news.


I don't really know how long I've been here. I'm single and loving life

I'm completely comfortable with who I am. I'm real, open, honest. There is no question that is too personal. I don't care if other people like me or not. I like me. If someone doesn't, that's their issue and their loss.

I love to act in local Theatre, sing Karaoke, and have hours-long conversations with people over a bottle of wine.

I also love to spend warm afternoons and evenings nude on my deck surrounded by trees in the mountains just outside of Asheville. Sometimes a friend or two joins me. Sometimes I take selfies and enjoy sharing them. Hey, we all have our little turn-ons and kinks. Don't judge. 🙂

I'm accepting of all people. I'm not accepting of racism, sexism, or most other isms. I believe all people are people regardless of their beliefs or orientations.

Sad and true. I thought about becoming some sort of life coach because of this. I have many friends who love to come sit and talk for hours, and it's just amazing to watch them learn to accept and love who they are.

I decided against it, though, because I was given this gift and I can't see myself charging people for something I already receive so much from in the doing and sharing.


Nothing has changed... IamNobody ?

@Crimson67 I feel like I have been upgraded from bench warmer to a starter in the team !!! You just made my day !!!! Thanks, enjoy your Sunday !!!!

Love your encounter with Polyphemus. []


Hello there, my name is Thomas and although I've been here for less than a month, this site has become my main online socializing spot. I'm an engineeer and a professional portrait photographer. My current main hobbies are gourmet cooking and competitive archery. Of all the issues facing our country right now, secularism is of high importance to me. That's why I'm a member of FFRF, American Atheist and


Hi Michelle. I'm Petter, exactly as my profile name says, and I'm 77.

I am third generation Kenyan but have now lived in Spain for 30 years. For some unaccountable reason my first wife is still also my wife. It will be 50 years in nine months' time.

I trained in bio-chemistry, decided after less than a year of working in the same lab day after day that I didn't fancy it, and became a lift technician for 27 years. (well, I sort of got promoted away from being "hands on", but on the back of my office door I always had a pair of overalls hanging.)

I moved to Spain and became a self-taught magazine publisher. I ended up publishing three titles, as the editor and proprietor.

I am a devout atheist - and general nut case. I am also an "Asparagus". (They sound tastier than Aspergers)

I enjoy top level football, but am a rabid Rugby Union fan.

I have a Lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma, (a cancer of the immune system) but my body is so far handling it, with no treatment, simply a "Wait and see" check-up every six months for the past 3 years.

If you've seen the film "Out of Africa" then you've seen my grandmother's farm, where I grew up. (she bought it when Karen Blixen sold up and left Kenya.)
If you've seen "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly", or "Lawrence of Arabia" you've seen bits of the area where I now live.

I've had a pretty "exciting" life, including keeping robbers at bay with a bow and arrows, crashing a car into a railway engine, disarming a policeman who had shot me and escaping from Idi Amin's secret police in Uganda. I have also seen some horrific sights.

Other than that, I am just a normal guy, the sort to whom you would not give a second glance.

Oh yes! Joined on March 31st, this year.

@Crimson67 Last night's match in Washington was good, but not brilliant.
However, The Autumn Internationals will be on in 4 months or so, and then next year there is the World Cup rugby competition, which should be widely reported.
Have you heard about "Rugby Sevens" This is a seven-a-side version of Rugby Union, and has become an Olympic event. It is fast, energetic and exhausting (10 minutes each way) Here's an extract from the opening matches of this year's events. []

@Crimson67 Fine, but follow my link to the "bing" link to the video of the Women's Rugby Sevens when you get a moment. Male footballers could learn a bit about "manning up" from these women.


I’m Terry. I’ve been here for almost a month and I really like the site.

I have never really been religious but I have only been really outspoken in the last 10-15 years.


I'm Ian (UK)

Been here since Feb this year. Separated with two daughters,11 and 14. Work in adult social care as an employment officer for adults with disabilities, trying to find them work.

Baptised and confirmed a Catholic before I had any say in things, did all the church stuff growing up but never thought it made much sense or seemed particularly fair. When I started to critique Christianity I found very quickly that it didn't stand up under any scrutiny.

Finally joined all the dots and a few years ago found Christopher Hitchens who articulated far better than I exactly how I felt and what I thought (Great minds eh? 🙂 )

I'll start by giving people the benefit of the doubt but have no tolerance for wankers or the arrogant, thoroughly dislike the class system and have difficulty with hierarchy and authority.

@Crimson67 Sounds like a plan to me 🙂


I'm Sierra. I live in a small town in Washington State. Recently separated and looking to casually meet someone and looking for people to chat with and go out with. I have a kid. I have a dog named Molly and my favorite color is pink 🙂

@ShuMei2018 near Pullman?

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