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You been to the camp grounds at a park lately?

We went yesterday. It was so crowded that it looked like a place I would get away from instead of camping there. It was hot. We had to walk the dogs in the grass because the pavement was to hot for them. You talk about cramped and hardly any place to park. Big ass boats everywhere. Trucks everywhere. Parties going on. Signs saying no dogs. Geeze! This is not a place I would want to stay. Getting away from stress is my idea of camping. I guess I'm not the party animal I use to be... there was a time I would of said , lookout... here I come.... not

BucketlistBob 8 June 3

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I've always been one to tell the bears to scoot over. Groups of people don't sleep well together, but I would like to go to Burning Man.

Pumpkin thats a party.

@BucketlistBob I've seen the catapults before, but not the air cannons. I didn't think ya could throw a punkin that far!

I did see a couple of trailers.

Have you ever been to one?

@AstralSmoke not yet... it cost a fortune to be there.

@BucketlistBob Perhaps when I go to Burning Man.


Many of the camp grounds are now worse than cities and are not worth going to. We seek out the places where we or a couple people are and that is great.


South African camping spits are still relatively organized. Don't go in full season though ?


Not I. I don't seek out wilderness living for the crowds.


too many campers not enough music festivals.


Growing up sucks


Have you considered boondocking? There are plenty of places to camp for a night or two on public lands without the regimentation of state or national parks.

Its just a weekend getaway to fish.... nothing that big.

That's called primitive camping here.

With a bit of research you may find there are spots that are close to lakes that aren't overfished like the ones near state or national parks.

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