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Do you "talk with your hands"? Does it bother you if others do?

Are people who work with their hands more likely to flailing them about in a conversation?

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CallMeDave 8 June 3

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I'm an emotional person and sometimes talk with my hands.


Only when l do a puppet show. ☺


I kind of have to, being Italian

I worked for an Italian contractor. He'd get his hands up and ready before he even opened his mouth. If I just watched him gesture, his voice drifted out of my awareness.


I use a hands free head set at work, and yes I talk with my hands. And yes it is a really bad sign when I throw a pen at my computer monitor. I have too many people watching me.


I discovered that talking with my hands was essential when lecturing to classes with up to four hundred in them. Animation is necessary to keep attention -- and it's correlated to student course evaluations . Just imagine how good my ratings would have been if I could do cartwheels!

I'd sign up for cartwheels


Talking with hands IS talking.

False equivalence


I can't help it, I was born a jew! theatrical gestures are in my dna

Hmm interesting.

I think I noticed that about jews in my family and company also.

Jews used to have a lot of muscular people, which is probably why. They were overall very different from the intellectual, strategic minded jews of today but as far as being collected? Nope. Jews are not really reserved. We're typically in distress because we get choleric from a lack of results and intense work.


Speakers who don't use their hands are generally monotone and boring kind of like Ben Stein.


While I don't work with my hands, I am an animated talker, usually with facial expressions. I do sometimes use my hands to emphasize what I am saying, especially when I'm around travelers who don't speak English as their first language, and also the elderly and hearing impaired. While my many are good lip readers, I feel sometimes a bit of hand motion adds depth and confirmation of what they're hearing.

Some of my hand motions habit may be related to my love of hula and exposure to baby sign language. I was amazed at how much my grandchildren could communicate (without crying) their needs using baby signs before they could talk.


Yeah a bit, not to the point where it looks like I'm trying to communicate through the medium of dance, but in a modest way.
If a person talking to me wants/needs to flap like they're taking off that's fine so long as I get the drift of what they're saying 🙂


Not anymore... i don't have to point out things and explain.


I'm so Princess Poppy all the time AND I'm a school when I talk it looks like I'm conducting an orchestra while doing interpretive dance.

Video needed

@CallMeDave Agreed, need video or it didn't happen!

@OuzelWoman LOL okay okay...I'll see what I can do..


Yes keeps them distracted while i steal their wallet


I lived in Naples Italy for 4 years! They're blackbelts!


I do not use my hands to talk, however, I do not mind when others do. It is obnoxious, but to each their own.

I know it does bother some people. Or they see it as superfluous. Maybe even a character flaw.

@CallMeDave those sound like prissy, overly judgemental people to me. Upset about people talking with their hands? That's just looking for things to nitpick.


I have been told on numerous occasions that if I had no hands I would be mute. Seems I cannot even request my french vanilla creamer in a restaurant without showing the waiter what I mean by the word "creamer." This seems to give my wife great amusement. How better to get one's message across than by making a well-timed gesture?


There's only one thing that people tell me with their hands that bothers me.

JMark Level 4 June 3, 2018

I don't know if I do and I can't tell whether other people do or not. I guess I'm just your typical Introvert.


It depends. If someone is using aggressive body language, I may not have a good reaction because it's necessarily making threats, especially if the person is close to hitting me.

I a good deal of mind not to use body language with others because I tend to carry more force than the average person, which is insulting, even if it's an American norm to be loud and forceful.

However I am much less emotional than a typical person, so this is not an issue.

I accept attentive interaction and conjugality.


As long as they don’t punctuate by hitting the table, chair, sofa back etc for emphasis. I used to startle badly; now it’s just annoying AF.


Today I saw a woman in traffic talking on her cell phone, with her left hand out the window, flailing viscously. If she was illustrating a point, the gesticulations were lost across the cell connection.


I do. I teach my kiddos in ST to do the same. Gestures can provide the listeners cues to improve understanding.


I don't accept polling from strangers. No vote.

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