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You should see all the theists posting on the ad on Facebook. They seem to be attracted to atheist and science pages like moths to a flame. I make it a point to kick their asses, figuratively speaking. They always are made to look rather foolish.

TommyNIK 6 Dec 22

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THAT IS JUST SOOO WRONG! It gives atheists a bad name. I am glad to see that they are following our posts, making statements and asking questions. We don't own their insults, if that is their intention. What we do own is to give them a kind, rational and caring answer, which is often posed as a question to turn them inward. It is cruel to make them look foolish and not in keeping with good character. Lead by example, not by reflecting their negativity or ignorance. Please stop. You are missing the opportunity to enlighten and heal the damage of religion, not furthering it.

You must not debate many theists. By the way, most of them commenting on the ads are nasty and filled with vitriol. I have since blocked the ad from appearing on my feed. I have better things to do.

@TommyNIK I consider myself a 'fire brand atheist' and am an activist for reason. I make it a point to engage with theists, if they allow it. I follow (troll) religious FB pages and make comment via inward turning questions - just to stir and awaken some thoughts. I do get blocked, but not often. I remain kind to keep conversations going, no matter how nasty they get - and they do get nasty - but not on my side - as long as they are interested in reading what I say. My hope is that they might have an 'aha' moment - not right then, but in the middle of the night or sometime in the future to realize the harm religion causes throughout the history of our planet. The may be baby steps, but they are steps none the less. I never discuss biblical passages because how can you argue with stone age fantasies written by flea bitten men with a modicum of literacy, hallucinating while they eat moldy bread, left over from the last supper.


I comment that this is a great community, not primarily a dating site, and that I enjoy it.


I gave up debating with with these fools, their minds are so impervious to Logic it’s pathetic


When I go on FB-which isn't too often-Isometimes see negative stuff posted from millenials and I'll post "Open your mind."


Millenialist Dispensationalist Anabaptist Evangelical Fundamentalist Protestant Christians will go anywhere or do anything to attack anything that isn't in line with the King James Version. Even if they have no idea of what four of those five adjectives are. They even eat their own: Young Earth Creationist hate Old Earth Creationists even more than they hate atheists. One guy, Otangelo Grasso, set up a honey-trap Facebook page, "Strong Atheism" which was actually a Christian apologist site.


lol, it was the number of butthurt Christians in that comment thread that made me sign up.


They think they are under attack and this is how they fight. The problem is, they are losing the mind battle. The non religious are the fastest growing segment of the population and actually outnumber many sects. The tRumpers and company are only pouring fuel on the fire and it will be the religionists that lose their freedoms. The reformation period has not ended.

Good sentiment, but don't hold your breath.


As I see it, atheists and theists both are prone to proselytization and thus atheists and theists both are prone to look rather foolish trying to convert the other side. 😉

You just told on yourself. Lol

I don't really see a lot of atheists actively trying to "convert" people.


Really? I see it all the time.

If you don't, I challenge you to take a theist position on this board and see how you are treated. You will be called a fool. You will be taken for mentally deficient. You will be told that the atheist way is the only way. You will be told that everyone is an atheist at birth and that you have been "brain washed" into theism.

And they will justify their position the same way that theists justify theirs "I get to talk to you this way because my way is true and yours is false".

I'm not saying all atheists proselytize anymore than all theist do. But when you have a deep seated belief and you feel that people having the opposite belief are dangerous to themselves and/or society, then you will likely find yourself proselyting. 😉


I'm agnostic, neither theist nor atheist.
I see a utility in theism and atheism, as well as agnosticism
Thus, I make it a point to specifically tell people that I'm not here to convert them out of their position, merely to share mine.

@TheMiddleWay Well, this is, not I put "maybe" and 50% in my profile; there was no checkbox for "theist accepting low values of 'theo'". I also quote the OT and Talmud when relevant to a post. No hassles so far! Aside from my upcoming novel SCAPEGOATS (Golden Fleece Press, March 2018) on of my two main projects is a close-read mathematical and scientific exegesis of Genesis analyzing specific technical details within the poetic stories in Genesis w/r/t the real-world events to which the Genesis details map and the accompanying calendrical information. This project is belief-neutral and has nothing to say about any gods or deities, only that somebody 2,600 years ago knew the real dates of, for example, Africa Replacement, start of MIS 4, end of the Neanderthal - Human cohabitation period, end of MIS 2, and the introduction of Lactase Persistence in ancient southwest Asia. That project is called Where the Hail is Bound Up. My other big project is establishing that Fundamentalist Christians are actually killing their own children when they vote for people who promise to support "Christian values" but whose campaigns are funded by the Koch Brothers. That project is called My Own Private Kyoto.

What do you think? Is this reply sufficiently loaded with religious terminology to mark me as a provocateur? 😉 Let's see if we get some Lord of the Flies action...


You had me at golden fleece press... good luck with that! I'm a huge book fan!

@TheMiddleWay great, I lucked into a ticket to the dance on this; I took my wife to a writers' conference in DC and I tossed some sample chapters into my suitcase. One of the tables was half animal books and the other half science fiction. So I dropped off my sample of a science fiction book starring goats. It's the goats from Leviticus 16:21, the ones that carry off the sins of Israel. In my novel they organize.


Many times these turds are sent to the page by their preachers to save the lost. Me thinks I may need to do a little hunting there.


The truth is that organized religion, as it is practiced, really has little to offer anyone who truly seeks meaningfulness. Organized religion is more of a social club than a path to enlightenment.
It goes to follow that those people interested in real answers would gravitate to those who ask real questions.


Thanks for the heads up... We've been swamped here coding...

Admin Level 8 Dec 22, 2017

Is that why I couldn't get in last night? I was wondering if some religious nut hacked the site.

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