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If you haven't seen this example of ignorance from Congress watch this clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It's hilarious and frightening at the same time. Full disclosure: You might need a prozac after watching it. I thought Stewart was going to have a stroke. We have some incredibly stupid people in government. (If you're in a hurry, skip to the 3:00 mark):

It will be a logn time before I will ever be able to say I am proud to be an American again. We are the laughing stock of the world, first with George W. Bush, but Obama recovered some of our credibility, but then they (I didn't vote for him) elected Trump and republican majorities in both houses of congress.


@snytiger6 I feel the same way. It's embarrassing that the world believes we voluntarily "elected" this chump to the presidency.


Not everyone can benefit fully from a well rounded education. I really struggle with foreign languages for example. However when I'm required to act in an area where I'm weak, then I seek help. What we have here is someone who's been offered help in understanding a physical phenomena from a denialist industry lobby who don't care if he ends up looking in the eyes of people they were never going to win over anyway.

The sad thing is that this man in the Republican nominee for Governor and I'm not confident that publicly saying something so would swing the electorate away from him that much. To paraphrase a wise old space wizard "Who's more foolish, the fool or the fools who follow him?"


Has he been taking lessons from the Ancient Aliens guys.... no actual proof just ... 'science!'

I am greatly saddened by how often government representatives think that just because they believe something there is no disputing it.


I think it is time to introduce IQ requirements in government.


And this man is helping run your country. He's obviously the product of a highly developed educational system. LOL


The one about tidal change was due to rocks falling into the ocean has this beat hands down. How about going into Congress and throwing a snow ball. What is really pathetic is that the whole world is watching.


That's silly. Everyone knows that the Sun is moving closer to us. It's in the buybull.


I thought that orbits decayed, which means we are moving close to the sun.

Orvit decay depends on a lot of factors. Orbits do not always decay in the way you wodl expect. For instance the earth's moon is gradually moving away from the earth... while artificial satellites generally fall back to the erth.


We are going through a pole shift, its gonna get bad. They already know.

Etre Level 7 June 5, 2018

According to Kepler's laws, then a day should be less than 24 hours,

Johannes would be turning in his grave. Day length depends on the rate of planetary spin. The year would be shorter though.

@Gareth 28 day lunar cycle is far more correct and natural for humans to live.

@Gareth You are right. I should have thought about it for a few seconds longer.

@Gareth, although spin is tidally linked to the orbit, which is why one side of the Moon always faces us.


I despair.


Noooo! Hahahaha.


Before I read the link, I'm taking a guess. Republican?

[Edit] Yep.

Gotta be.


This guy shouldn’t even be able to pass his DNA. Another 24 pairs.

I’m guessing he DID - ALL of it.

@Lostwax 😟

@Mikeb56 Yeah, pretty low humor, I admit.

@Lostwax perhaps the next comical exchange will be worthy. ?


It's kind of amazing. These people just make shit up and assume that it will be accepted because they are high and mighty.

And a large percentage of the population is too ignorant to know the difference.


This is up there with the ignorant statement that Satan planted dinosaur bones to fool people into believing evolution took place. Oh, and, of course, dinosaurs were on the ark.

@irascible Because the constituents are also ignorant.

LOL... I never hard the Satan planting dinosaur bones theory before...

@snytiger6 I first heard it long ago in Paltalk when the Christians would come into the atheist rooms to tell the atheists and pagans (I was a pagan then, but associated with the atheists) how wrong we were--and they set us straight. I just Googled it and received quite a few hits; here is one []


The sun is getting hotter, and in millions of years we may be able to tell.

Yeah, the sun is getting hotter, but at our (he earth's) distance it is like trying to feel the heat of a campfire on a hy=ill a couple of miles (or 4 Kilometers) away

I didn't say you would notice it anytime soon.


Is he admitting global warming is real and happening?

He is admitting global wrming, but denying that the actions of man has anything to do with it, which is why he supplies the bullshit reason.


Jesus fucking christ on a crutch!!!
People this stupid shouldn't be allowed to serve in elected office.


Holy shit! Can this be true? Did he really say that?

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