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Do you see it as child abuse forcing kids to go to Church when they are clearly sick?

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I feel like indoctrinating young impressionable minds is a crime 100%

No one in born religious they had religious parents

Very well said!


Church is child abuse, plain and simple.


I see it as child abuse simply by forcing kids to go to church whether sick or healthy !


It's abuse, whether they are sick or not.


It is simply stupid to take a sick child anywhere, except for urgent care or other medical facility. I don't want your sick kid's germs, keep the little germ factory at home and stop spreading the illnesses. I think parents have a choice of where their children should go and if they decide that church is their choice that is what parents do. That also begs the question of how old is that child? However, it does fall under the aegis of parenthood, my house my rules. The part about the sick child I take exception to. Sick kids belong at home. No one, in or out of church wants to deal with your little germ factory's bugs.


I agree with what others said.
It's strange. God is everywhere and yet he is in the place of worship "more". God is powerful always and yet more potent in the temple/church. God inhabits the praises of his people not buildings; your body is the temple of god but somehow the holy of holies and the Tabernacle and altar where God exists is in the place of worship.
Go figure.


Yes, but not as bad as sending them when they are not sick and could be out doing fun stuff.


It's child abuse to make children go to church at all. Indoctrinating and brainwashing them one way or another is abuse. Let the child make up their own mind on whether to believe the lie of not.


Sick or not sick - forcing religion down children's throats is child abuse.



Yes, it is child abuse. I was dragged to harsh, punitive churches as a kid and often forced to go when I felt sick. At the time I was bitter and hateful. Now I just feel sorry for the people who forced fundamentalist religion down my throat. They are filled with fear. It must be awful to live in fear of some angry god.


I think that's taking child abuse to a whole new level. And also how is the child sick? Just because I don't agree with the church. Does it make it abuse? Sorry I can't jump
on this bandwagon.
Statements like this can easily be turned around on what you do as a parent. You might want to think about this a while longer.

Sick as in stomach virus.


What a funny question and what funny answers. Child abuse??? Like, "lock the parents up" child abuse all because a child has a runny nose? Come on people. I get that we all hated the religion we were given, but this seems a bit much.

So, all you who answered "yes", please justify why a child should be extracted from his/her parents for taking the child to church with a runny nose.




Forcing a child to go to church at all is child abuse. But let's assume it's not; in that case I'd agree with other commenters here who have compared it with going to school. Not only is the sick child being forced to complete an activity while they should be home resting, they might infect others.

I don't disagree that optimally a kid should stay home if they are sick.
However, there are various circumstances where they cannot, such as if they already have a lot of absences and have negative repercussions for one more or if perfect attendance is important.

The reason I wanted to take church out of the equation is I strongly disagree with the false equivalence that involvement with religion is a form of child abuse; I find that viewpoint an insult to all the kids that have been physically and mentally abused. Thus, if you would not consider it child abuse to send a sick kid to school, then it's not child abuse to send a sick kid to church.

If on the other hand you consider forcing a kid to attend church is child abuse, period, then forcing a kid to go to school is child abuse as well. In either case, the abuse is not in the sickness but in forcing a child to do something they may not want to do or the parent forcing them to learn something they may not want to learn.


I think a good way to answer this is to ask a related question:

Do you see it as child abuse forcing kids to go to SCHOOL when they are clearly sick?

The fact that it's church really plays no role in the answer.
And considering that no one that I'm aware of has ever considered it "child abuse" to force their sick kid to go to school, I don't see why forcing them to go to church under the same premise is either.


If we are talking a cold or flu, then no, it would be irresponsible to label this as abuse. Call it irresponsible parenting, perhaps, but it does not fall in the domain of child abuse.

If we are talking about taking a sick child to church as opposed to seeking medical attention to treat their illness, now we have entered the domain of abuse. Depending on, of course, the severity of the illness.

Pointing at everything religious parents do that surround their children that relates to their religion and calling it child abuse is abuse of the term 'child abuse'.


Religion is at once: a sack of rocks and a warm blanket. A life lived with neither is a better life. Don't screw up your children.

acrm Level 2 June 5, 2018

Of course.




Dear I see church as an abuse for anyone who prefers not to attend and children always need special care and guidance


Boredom is terrible. Church is the epitome of boredom. Everybody agrees privately that it is boring but the faithful go to church to get their "ticket punched" They believe if they get enough ticket punches they will go to Heaven when they die. Of course if Heaven were real it would be living a boring existence for all eternity....
Yes...bringing up children in this boring atmosphere is child abuse.

To quote Ron Reagan (son of Ronald) - "I'm not afraid of burning in hell !" . Hell (and heaven) only exists in the minds of the mindless !


You misspelled “taking kids to church at all.” And yes.

Hahaha! I guess I did misspell. My bad!


I think the people who take their kids to church are the ones who are sick.


By all means, go on to church and spread it around. There may be some entertaining incident.

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