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Trump defended recommending a bogus COVID-19 "cure" from a doctor who reportedly believes in "demon sperm" & "alien DNA." []

LuvLayne 7 July 29
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It makes me happy to get a thumbs up. I wish it were in a certain senators eye, but a kudo here means more.


I absolutely believe they are right, and fully believe in Alien and demonic seed, and seedlings. I think it goes way back to Bavaria Germany where a woman, ( Katharina Kober )was infused with alien demon seed and that gave rise to the DRUMPFT disease coming to America. A name change was needed so as to divert attention. It mutated quite a bit over the years some scions of the family apparently rejected the alien seeds and were driven to drink and ruin and maybe were ripped off by their Alien Diseased Demon Seeded Uncles, and their children. I could be wrong that of course, as this is a personal feeling, I hear other disagree.


I have heard a book by a member of the family gives a very interesting view of life in Drumpftville and am ordering my copy from library.

I hear one must use a face shield and rubber gloves to avoid being contaminated.

Fake News for a Fake President.

So when you hear a person say FAke News, Just Reply For a fake President.



They're both nutty...



bobwjr Level 10 July 29, 2020

He loves anyone that agrees with him.

Lorajay Level 9 July 29, 2020

But then again maybe not surprising

BudFrank Level 8 July 29, 2020
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