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DeSantis Borrows a Page from Hitler - Vows to ‘Destroy Leftists’ When Elected

So, it seems Donald Trump isn't the only Republican candidate for president who spent Memorial Day vowing to crush his political enemies. While appearing on Fox and Friends, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was asked, “Why is right now the time for Ron DeSantis to run for President?” The Florida Governor responded by saying, “Because I will serve two terms, and I will destroy leftism in this country.”

Wait - the hateful little bigot who is currently getting his ass kicked by Mickey Mouse said what? Now, whoa there, Miami Mussolini! Is it just me, or does this resentful little prick have about as much broad appeal as a bowl of rotten fruit? He should remember the rest of the country isn’t fucking Florida. You see, unlike Ponce de Leon, Ron DeSantis isn’t interested in finding Florida’s “Fountain of Youth.” Instead, he headed straight for the “Fountain of Hate,” and has hopes to bathe the rest of the country in its nasty waters.

I mean, what’s so concerning about a national presidential candidate basically declaring if he’s elected, he will “exterminate” the opposition? Hell, what’s he going to do, round us all up?” Don’t answer that! Why can’t the guy be satisfied with boycotting Bud Light or banning rainbows in Florida? Of course, in the interest of fair play, I’m sure our Republican friends would have no problem whatsoever if Joe Biden were to declare that after he wins the next election, his goal will be "destroy conservatism.”

Now some may ask, what’s the main difference between DeSantis and Trump? Well, the difference is it took Trump decades to become the asshole he is today, but DeSantis took a crash course. DeSantis is a guy so bitter and hateful that when he looks in the mirror - even his own reflection hates him. I mean, nothing says “I will heal this fractured nation” quite like “I’m gonna destroy all of you liberal fuckers.” Hell, Biden recently said, “There's no place for anti-Semitism in America,” and Lauren Boebert called that “an attack against conservatives."

So, perhaps GOP voters might wanna “think twice” before voting to “destroy leftism in this country” - because that would mean ending social security, medicare, decent wages, women’s rights, the five-day work week, the eight-hour day, child labor laws, any shot at affordable healthcare, environmental protections, and a host of other benefits Americans have come to rely on. All of which are “leftist” programs. Unfortunately, “thinking twice” has never been a top Republican voter priority.

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johnnyrobish 8 June 2
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I wonder... how does one go about destroying leftism? Does Desanit intend to make "leftism" illegal and imprison people? Or will he simply order a mass execution? Correct me if I'm wrong but pretty much the only way to destroy an idea is to kill the people who embrace that idea.

Also, social security, medicare, decent wages, women’s rights, the five-day work week, the eight-hour day, child labor laws, any shot at affordable healthcare, environmental protections... these are things that most conservatives don't really care about or they believe that their great conservative messiah will have a new and better version of these things.


Is it possible that Trump and DeSantis are lovers? They seem to have the same game plan and it will not help most of us at all.

DenoPenno Level 9 June 2, 2023

Are the Pentagon bigots too?

puff Level 8 June 2, 2023

@Garban Just shit stirring the poster

@Garban Not really. Need more options than Trump Vs Biden though. I am of the opinion the Democratic party deserve to lose as the Biden admin has been a shambles. I am not in the game though, being Australian. Nord Stream is unforgiveable and that one is Biden's baby.
If it must be democrats again, I would give my vote to Kennedy hoping he conned Tulsi Gabbard to be his running mate. At least Assange would be free.
Whoever Americans choose really needs to reign in some government agencies, like the Pentagon with their open ended expenditure with no accountability and the alphabet agencies ie the FBI is treating your congress with contempt atm.

@Garban Afghanistan, remember that memorial day? How the women going there? Inflation going good? How about social cohesion from the unifier Biden? Feel safer in your streets do you? How about American prestige the rest of the world, enhanced that has he? VP Kamala been breaking ceilings has she, the POTUS in waiting? Undocumented migrants much? Brilliant presidency. Options for Democrats? See if Debbie Wiesman Shultz can rig things again like she did against Sanders so you get the peoples choice. Looking forward to Primary debates within the party are you? Way to promote your precious democracy. China spent money well on the Biden clan, got good results.

And why would Putin blow up Germany's pipeline when all he had to do to stop it was flick a switch? Why did Russia call for an independent UN investigation into it which the US blocked? Why did your officials celebrate a terrorist attack on Germany? The US is as guilty as shit and the world knows it which is why BRICS is growing everyday. Motive-been against it from the start using sanctions. Stated intention-Biden assured all, "We will make sure it does not go ahead". The technical know how to do it, the opourtunity to lay the explosives during NATO exercises. But most of all, the celebrations of this terrorist act by the initiator on the war on terror. "Tremendous oppourtunity to sell our gas to Europe" brags Blinken and Kirby, Nuland celebrating the hunk of metal at the bottom of the ocean when addressing Congressional committees. And NATO the useless cunts, seem uninterested in this attack on critical energy infrastructure, Germany's critical infrastructure. Great fucking allies the US are. Guilty as shit and you reckon Russia did it? Always Russia, blame Russia the Clinton way.
Assange published US dirty secrets, exposing US crimes which is why they were classified in the first place. Secrets given to him by whistleblowers. That's what journalists do. Fucking charge him in an open court, don't let him rot.
I really will laugh when the powers that be decide that Biden is a liability and burn him, plenty of fuel to burn him with. Corrupt grifters that clan is, suckling on the public purse all their lives. Too stupid to launder the money efficiently as the GOP through Congress are exposing, $5 million from China documented already and more to come. "No one fucks with a Biden" claims Joe; we will see.
America is empire in decline.
I try real hard to sympathise but talking to Americans like you makes it really really hard. So I may as well kick back, eat some popcorn, crack a beer and enjoy the shit show go down in flames. So you go ahead and vote Biden back in. I look forward to the Harris presidency. Suggest you stop listening to Drag Queen story times, it's only dress up you understand?
America deserves to burn for blowing up Nord Stream alone. "If only we could have Drone King Obama back pmsl. The past is gone mate, welcome to Biden's New World Order.
NB Patriot system so good at least one has been taken out by missiles, brilliant for a missile air defense system. But don't worry, you have money to burn for 2 more years, no limit to max out. Let's see how high Biden takes it.

@Garban Democrats will get slaughtered so you can have a good cry about your democracy wondering why and blame all others like psycho's do.

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