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Donald Trump's Political Ally in Iowa Believes She Is Fighting Evil Sorcerers of Baal and Promises Genocide

To get a sense of how dangerously unhinged the Republican Party has become, let's look at the Iowa Faith Leader Coalition. The Iowa Faith Leader Coalition is a group of 302 Christian preachers and pastors who have endorsed Donald Trump in the Iowa caucuses of 2024. Donald Trump has taken pride in associating himself with these people.

Among the members of the Iowa Faith Leader Coalition is Katherine Watsey of Fire on the Altar Ministries in Fairfield, Iowa.

Katherine Watsey travels the Midwest, preaching at churches about her magical battles with dragons and evil sorcerers. Watsey claims that these evil sorcerers, who worship the god Baal, have secretly constructed magical altars of supernatural power, then hidden these altars underground across the United States. Watsey claims to have the magical power to detect the locations of these secret altars.

Watsey also tells church audiences that God has given Christians the authority to rise up and seize control of the United States for themselves. As a model for this coming Christian insurrection, Watsey uses the story of Jericho, in which followers of God entered a city and righteously slaughtered every single human being that was living there, even the children, even the infants.

Donald Trump's presidential campaign has proudly embraced the endorsement of Katherine Watsey. Given Trump's promises of massive prison camps, deportations, and rooting out the "vermin" who dare to disagree with him, his alignment with a self-declared prophet advocating genocidal violence against non-Christians is worth attending to.

We need to spread the word about the dangerous plans of the members of the Iowa Faith Leader Coalition. They're like kids pretending they're in an episode of Stranger Things... only in this case, you and I are the demons that they would like to kill.

CliffordCook 6 Jan 2
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There is also a lot of money in these scams.


So much mental illness.

Jolanta Level 9 Jan 14, 2024

I know I will probably get bashed for having no room to talk regarding my slam of her, but here goes anyway...... She really sounds like someone who badly needs to get laid, but from looking at her pic, that's very unlikely, unless she hooks up with another nutwing bible thumper. Sorry, that cheap shot at her was just too obvious and tempting to resist... She reminds me of Dana Carvey's Church Lady on SNL in the old days, only with nothing amusing or cute about her... BTW, I grew up in Ottumwa, Iowa, near Fairfield, and ever since the days when the town had the TM cult living there, the place has attracted lots of nutcases from all over the world, so her being from there is not at all surprising to me..


I appreciate the notion of free speech, but this is hate-speech and should be suppressed somehow.

racocn8 Level 9 Jan 2, 2024

The way I see it, she is inciting people to violence, in a repeated, organized manner. That is a crime.

The Psychos walk amongst us.  The followers, the gullible lemmings.

Were they this nuts in the actual Dark Ages ????????

Probably, but the didn't have the internet to spread their message, had to do it old school by going from town to town, lol...


Well, religion has certainly poisoned this idiots mind. 🙄 How anyone with any common sense could listen and believe this woman is a mystery to me.

What's scary is that she has a large number of church congregations listening to her, and believing her, and preparing for action.

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