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MAGA Lawyer Brags about Coordinating 2021 ‘Supply Chain Crisis’ GOP Blamed on Biden

While speaking at Michael Flynn's “ReAwaken America Tour,” MAGA QAnon Scientologist and lawyer Leigh Dundas bragged about how she coordinated and secretly organized a behind-the-scenes “mass sick-out of supply chain and transportation workers” along with co-conspirators Gen. Michael Flynn, Lin Wood, Simone Gold, and Robert Kennedy Jr. The pilot was hatched to begin two weeks before the Christmas season in 2021, in an effort to create maximum havoc with the hope of shutting down the entire country. Dundas also boasted that while the rest of the country was suffering, her organization made certain “important people” like “key judges and their wives” got all the deliveries they needed.

Wait a minute! We have a MAGA QAnon Scientologist - and a lawyer to boot? I did not have that on any of my bingo cards. Well, lucky for these fascist saboteurs that this is still America, where these MAGA extremist ring-leaders almost never pay for their crimes - because it sure sounds like Leigh Dundas just admitted to a whole shitload of federal crimes?

Now, call me old fashioned, but I still long for the “good old days,” back when villains like these tried to conceal all their crimes. These days, they’re considered a resume builder in Republican circles. And let us not forget that one of the most important items you can put on your MAGA resume is that you’ve mastered the ancient art of “Owning the Libs.”

Anyway, so it turns out all that crying and blaming Joe Biden for the “supply chain crises” was all planned and orchestrated - by the Republicans. Funny how just about every accusation Republicans make against opponents - is actually a confession. It’s the Republican way.

To summarize, Ms. Dundas (often confused with Dumbass) and her pals thought they’d “own the libs” by “cutting off” the nation’s supply chain - all with complete disregard for the pain and suffering it would cause millions of Americans. And then, knowing there are rarely any serious legal consequences for conservatives, they bragged about it openly. Why that’s almost enough to make some folks wish Ms. Dundas and her pal’s oxygen supply chain get cut off - and secretly replaced with “Folger's Crystals.”

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johnnyrobish 8 Jan 24
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How fucked up do you have to be to want to crash the whole of society so that your side can gain an advantage?

glennlab Level 10 Jan 24, 2023

I think you already have your answer, but I realize the ? was merely rhetorical anyway, but I'll give you an answer anyway. The same kind of fucked up that makes rich folks want to make the planet uninhabitable for anyone with climate change, just so they can become richer, and then escape the apocalypse into either outer space or their underground bunkers.

One would have to be pretty fucked up to do this crap Glenn.

So, it's not surprising that the repub party and its members work so hard to destroy those in society they don't like or approve of.


These fucking assholes need to be prosecuted. So sick of these assholes hurting people so they can get their jolly's.

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