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ACO advice on cats without the covid issue.
Most cats should be kept in the house-they do suffer injuries from dogs, cars, other cats if INTACT, they should be altered at your local shelter, it's cheaper. Cat fights can end up with HUGE infections that are pretty gross. They aren't required in some states to have a rabies shot so most ACOs are not obligated to pick up a cat and they can get rabies. When you call the fire Dept to remove a cat from a tree try to recall the last time you saw a cat skeleton in a tree. There is feline lukemia they can catch from other cats. Lots of cats kill so many different species of birds around your area that they disappear.
I hate cats in the house but if you have a litter box get one that cleans itself. Kittens should NEVER NEVER have clumping litter at first they think it's food and it can kill a kitten clumping inside. Also try to get a scratching post and use a squirt gun to discourage behaviors you don't like. And that's allll folks!!


Good to know. My two sisters are always indoors.

ballou Level 8 Apr 8, 2020

Mine's an indoor cat only, so no worries there.

Spudgun Level 7 Apr 8, 2020

I always try to keep the little furries inside so they don't get preggers or get in a fight with a stray. I was thinking about cats should be kept inside when I heard the lion or tiger or whatever got the virus.


The BBC reported this earlier today, but later added a clarification after the British Veterinary Association put out a press release stating that they'd been misreported and had in fact said it should only be done if someone in the house has symptoms of coronavirus, not if you're self-isolating without symptoms.

Jnei Level 8 Apr 8, 2020

I'd think it prudent now because so many pets go off and visit with neighbors? They could come home sick and we'd never know who the contact point was.


What about insects and other critters?

They stay outside all the time!

Your comments make me wonder about dogs. Dogs have to go outside to do their business.

@balou Dogs are far easier to control outside. My cats would freak out, then be over or through the fence and long gone.

Insects and other critters are not pets in my book, and then NEED to stay out of my house. The cats love it when flies come in, and they don't last long.

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