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Great idea. Would not be permitted in my 'burb. But in the city...... YES.

bigpawbullets 9 Oct 12
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Good Idea .

GEGR Level 7 Oct 14, 2020

Easily converted into a cat trap. Get rid of feral cats don't encourage then!

FrayedBear Level 9 Oct 13, 2020

Also makes very cheap rabbit, rat, mouse, hamster enclosure, bird, squirel enclosures. Wire floors allow excretia to fall down for easy disposal - just put newspaper downto wrap & enclose.
Good one bpb.

@booklover my response makes you angry? The slaughter of native fauna by feral introduced animals such as cats & humans makes me angry. Why do you think feral cats should be allowed to indiscriminately kill the native fauna?

@FrayedBear TNR

@Booklover that does nothing to stop the carnage.They don't kill for sex. Ive never heard such nonsense.

@FrayedBear go read up about it. Eventually all the ferals will be gone. Oh wait I forgot you are too much of an idiot to understand that.

@Booklover and in the meantime madam brightspark many native fauna will be killed for food and stupid uncaring irresponsible humans will turn more domestic cats into ferals by neglecting them. Any more brains & you'd be dangerous, whoops are you American? In which case you are dangerous.

@FrayedBear all things in their own time. I have plenty of brains, thank you. Yes I'm an American want to make something of it?

My cats are strictly indoors the only fauna that might be harmed are trespassing mice. I've rescued ferals, if you can socialize the kittens they can be pets. I don't believe in wholesale killing of any animal and besides it's not effective as new cats will move in. Yes the only thing to completely solve the problem is starting with @#$%& people. My brother was taking care of a colony of ferals TNR and the colony is now down to one cat. Where they live the cats were useful in getting rid of varmints.

@Booklover 😁😁😁
When faced with this sort of problem the only answer is poisonous extermination -

The question is "should it be applied to intelligent Americans as well before they destroy the rest of the world with their greedy selfishness?"


my cats, deceased, would never go into & stay in an enclosed space.
good idea, though.


Sounds good. Make it happen ☺


I think that is a great idea.

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