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Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, roar, roar, roar

My photo, taken years ago at a not famous tiger rescue center.

MizJ 8 Mar 30
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The chain makes me sad 😥

Kynlei Level 8 Mar 31, 2022

The chain was used as one would use a leash with a dog. If people are injured the animal might possibly have to put down like a dog that bites so it's for the protection of both tiger and humans.

@MizJ Real protection is removing human interaction from the equation. I understand it's a sanctuary, but they still don't deserve to be chained.

@Kynlei That photo was not taken at the sanctuary, they were NOT chained normally, only when being handled, moved, etc.

There are more captive tigers than wild ones due to loss of habitat. The sanctuary I volunteered for was not ideal but there are much worse ones. When people decide that they no longer want their pet tiger there are not a lot of options.

@MizJ I get it. My husband proposed to me at a big cat sanctuary if that's any indication of how much I get it. That one only handles their cats (never chained) until they reach a certain age because they know they become too dangerous after that. I personally feel that's the best way to avoid any accidents. I agree that there are a lot of poor situations for these beautiful animals. I wish some humans would be better.

@Kynlei There was a huge Siberian male there that had been beaten by a previous owner when he became too large. That tiger hated men but was ok with women generally. After a while it was apparent that he was fond of me as I had been talking to him as I worked nearby and watched me without looking like he was stalking me. I used to touch his paws through the chain link. Other tigers would make chuffing noises to greet me when they saw me but one would splash me and mess with me.

@MizJ I love the chuffs. Not so much the splashing 😅


Such a beautiful baby! And a lovely photo.

Lauren Level 8 Mar 30, 2022



Gorgeous kitty.

I never got to see him as a six or seven hundred pound adult but I did touch other adult white tigers. Tigers aren't soft. Amazing experiences.

@MizJ No, they aren't.

This was my experience with some, cheetah...

@Lilac-JadeCanada Fabulous. Those are two species I haven't seen in person.

@MizJ Lou [3 months old] was a lot heavier than expected, but holding him was such a pleasure, & the cheetah purred the whole time I was in the enclosure. I couldn't hold the camera & do the petting at the same time, as this was years ago when cameras need both hands. I love hearing purring!

@Lilac-JadeCanada The first time I heard a huge cat purr I will never forget. Magical.

@MizJ It is!

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