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Mister stayed out all night Saturday night doing cat stuff. Yesterday he turned into liquid. 😻😻😻

SeaGreenEyez 9 May 9
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Frankie brought in a dead bird for me to clean up yesterday

Susieq Level 7 May 10, 2022

I haven't received anything since very early Sunday morning. I can't say I'm disappointed. (My last body bag was for a little bird, too.)

May I suggest if one possesses a cat that has access to the outdoors, one puts a loud bell on a collar that has hazzarrd orange tape wrapped around it so our BELEAGERED bird population has a chance? I did with my cat who went out the dog door to the kennel, so... protect our wildlife, what's left of it. Peace


Ours are totally indoor kitties.

I used to only have indoor kitties. And then one day my former husband and my son opened the door and said, "Hey! That stray cat wants to come inside." 👍

NO HE DID NOT! They facilitated his coming in and shut the door. 😳😳😳

Thankfully he found the dog door because he was tearing stuff up! 😬

Within the next week, he had decided it was nice inside and he just wandered in and out.

I've not had a strictly inside car in two decades. (But I only take in strays that have been outside lost or left behind. Once they've been outside they don't seem to want to be strictly inside. At least not the ones I've encountered.) 😻

@SeaGreenEyez I have lost too many due to being hit by cars, & I could not handle another murdered kitty!

My kitties are indoors only. Sometimes if there is snow on the deck I will let them explore the snow, they don't like it so don't stay out very long. There are just too many dangers out there for kitties, and they tend to bring stuff I'm allergic to in on their fur. And the other kitties in the neighborhood are mean, so mine stay inside where it is safe and reasonably clean.

@HippieChick58 Yes, besides not being hit by traffic, there are no fights, & abscesses to take care of, no dirt & filth, or allergens. Just better all round.

@Lilac-JadeCanada YES! I have seen too many flat kitties.

@HippieChick58, @Lilac-JadeCanada YES. I wouldn't have any cat at all if I didn't have the property for one to roam without the threat. And wireless fencing is mandatory. There's a while lot of options now. 2 decades ago witless fencing wasn't really ask option for cats. That's changed. 👍


@SeaGreenEyez Trap/spay?/neuter?/ release.

@Mooolah Are you asking if that's what I do? (No. That's not what I do. He's chipped and is mine. He's not feral.)

@SeaGreenEyez Yes but he is successful in killing our besieged bird population. I am gently suggesting . Suggesting research into cat predation on a national/international level. The data & studies are in. I am not an enforcer, but I try & suggest to cat lovers such as I, take precautions for the birds. My Zoot Suit only was able to predate chipmonks & mice. Rodents essentially. Peace.

@Mooolah I don't know how I would stop him from the hunting. I will, however, call tomorrow and ask his vet/clinic. I'll try to Google as well.

I'm pretty certain there's no way to take the hunter out of a car that's previously had to survive on it's own. But I will investigate.

@SeaGreenEyez True. One can not stop this magnificent predator from instinct. There are hobbles I used. It is like a bib that inhibits the cat's pouncing ability, but not its ability to escape danger. if needed. I used a bay bib in the loudest color. All of my cats got used to it. None came with a bird. Only rodents on occasion. Birds see color & that loud orange hazard tape is highly visible. The bell alerts the rodents who alert the birds. Thank you for being so receptive.

@Mooolah You hobbled cats???? 😬🤔

I have read up on this and while I understand bird lovers' concerns, there's nothing I can do to stop him (or any) cat from doing what's ingrained. He's only ever gotten one bird that I know of. He's partial to rodents. And there's plenty of those around to keep him busy.


Our youngest cat Whiskers, has stayed out a long time, but he shows up again. We got worried when he missed food time, but he showed up again. Lately he seems to want to stay around the house and hasn't missed food time for a quite a while now. Of course we have had some rain the last couple of weeks too.

snytiger6 Level 9 May 9, 2022

He'd never stayed gone all night before. He did bring in one dead bird and one dead mouse. #rip Clearly he was working. He was worn oooooooout. 😜


Poor kitty's all partied out, just like hoomans...

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