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Even living near the ceiling, a cat's gotta bathe

After all my doom and gloom regarding Mister, I wanted to share this.........

No one can tell me a dog, would be living near the ceiling, and self-showering. The pics are what I came into after shopping.

(His obvious irritation makes me giggle.) 🤭🤭🤭

SeaGreenEyez 9 July 9
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How many lives have those ornaments got?
Thought you said pussy couldn't get up there.

FrayedBear Level 9 July 10, 2022

How is Mister bathing? Does he jump down into the sink and find water there to bathe in, or does he just tongue bathe?

He gets hair balls. I know!!! Ick!!?? 🤢🤮 But he's clean. 🤐

@SeaGreenEyez Glad he feels safe enough to rejoin the action down below...


Can't just let yourself go & be dirty, ya know!


My cats like to get on the top of the cabinets over the fridge. I don't try to stop them, I'm not where I can keep an eye on them all day. I figure partly they like it up there because it is warm, and also they have a good view. I just know I have to wipe counters down before I cook.

We let our cats go where they want. They will get on the counter once and then they don't seem to want to go back. I worry about them getting on the stove, sometimes we will leave a pan with food in it there.

@dalefvictor When my robo vac runs I put the cat food up on the counter so they still have access to it. I don't let them on the counters while I'm working in the kitchen, and I don't leave any food out ever. I know where their little paws have been and yuck. They never have gotten on the stove that I can tell, They avoid the kitchen counters while I'm in the kitchen, but will get up on bathroom counters while I'm in the bathroom. I will pet them on the counters in the bathroom, they don't get the same treatment when they're on the counters in the kitchen and they have learned to tell the difference.

@HippieChick58 You have a Rumba????? My Mom loved hers. I've wondered if there's one for Spanish Tile and/or hardwood floors. 🤔

@SeaGreenEyez I have carpet in the main living areas, hardwood in the kitchen, and linoleum in the bathrooms, Roomba takes care of it all. I enjoy not vacuuming 🙂 I had another brand before Roomba, it didn't seem to last as long.

@HippieChick58 I had NO idea. My Mom was into that site called "WOOT" back when. She called me ecstatic because she'd bought a one dollar bag of "CRAP" (which is still funny) and it had a Roomba in it. She absolutely loved that thing.

I have told with area rugs and like laundry, my floors get neglected. 🙄 Back when I was actually alive, I ran my house like a finely tuned machine. Now I just ignore certain things. It's a good thing I have 20 pairs of black yoga pants or I'd be in trouble for work due to my disdain regarding laundry. 😜 (These aren't the spandex legging type. These look like casual hair weather

After this, I'm going to look into a Roomba. 👍👍👍

@SeaGreenEyez My house thrives on neglect, or I tell myself that. It is clean enough to keep the health department away. If I didn't have the roomba I wouldn't vacuum often enough. I don't mind doing laundry, I just put it off as long as possible. I WFH, who cares what I wear, and I wear things more than once, they're not dirty after one wearing. Saves money and time.

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