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21 years ago this little guy showed on my back deck, skinny and starving, and never left... until today. I was already homing a couple more who wandered into my life, but one by one they succumbed to typical feline disorders. They all lived to be over 20 years old. He was my last.

The house does seem very empty right now. It'll take some time to get used to. I've always had at least one cat in my house since I was in my 20s. Anyone who has ever had a pet understands that they are only on loan and that letting them go when they're in pain is the last kind thing we can do for them, after they've done so much for us. 💔

He had a rough end the last few months.... blind, with kidney disease, thyroid disease, severe anemia and high blood pressure, but still the sweetest little guy in the world.

😢RIP Sweet Kirby. I will miss you.

TheoryNumber3 8 Jan 22
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Sorry for your loss. Sounds like you gave him a good life.

itsmeagain Level 6 Jan 22, 2023

Thanks. I'm a sucker for a stray cat. I love the little critters.


Sorry for your loss. When my last ones died I decided it would be unfair to get new ones with my travel schedule. I miss not having them, but I don't miss the guilt of not being there for them.

glennlab Level 9 Jan 22, 2023

Yes, pet ownership is a responsibility. Traveling was always stressful because I had to find someone to care for them. I won't get another because it would probably outlive me, and that scares me.


I had the sweetest cat for many years. She was people bonded, she loved, loved, loved to snuggle. She wanted fulll body contact. She would sleep under the blankets with me. She passed a few weeks before my first granddaughter was born, so just over 6 years ago. I was having some work done in my house, and as soon as the work was done, I went to the human society and adopted another kitty. I now have two, and I know when I pass if I still have them my kiddoes will find good homes for them.

You're lucky you have a contingency plan. I don't, so I won't get another.


I feel your pain of loss. During my lifetime I gone through that too many times.
I am your age and just allowed a kitten to adopt me. Why not, I might have another twenty years to enjoy being with Zippy. Maybe you would feel better with a little kitten making you laugh again.

OldGoat43 Level 9 Jan 22, 2023

That's sweet... but as I said previously, I don't think life with another pet would end well. One of us is going to die first. I don't want to go thru losing another pet and I don't have a backup to take mine. So I'm standing firm on no more pets. I've rescued over a dozen cats in my life, and cried every time one of them died. Can't do it again.


So sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you…🥺😢😭


21 years is a pretty good life span for a cat. But it's always hard to say goodbye. I've done it more times than I care to think about. I'm old enough now that I'm a little worried about my two cats outliving me. I need to make sure there's somebody that would adopt them if I die before they do.

Spudgun Level 7 Jan 22, 2023

That was my concern as well. When I went through my cancer treatment 13 years ago, I needed help with the care of my four cats and gratefully, friends stepped up, but that was temporary. Hopefully you have someone in your life who will agree to care for them in the event you can't.

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