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You see that cat? Yes, that cat. Looks real innocent doesn’t she? Pffft
I had my dinner in a plate next to me. Stopped eating to browse twitter, saw THAT cat licking her face after eating my last three slices of smoked sausage, the remainder of my sauerkraut and half the frosting off my mini chocolate cupcake. I guess the look on my face said it all because she took off like the wind 😑

Appleriver 7 Mar 28
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Obvious, when you stopped eating to check Twitter, she thought you had finished and she didn't see the point of letting the food go to waste.

snytiger6 Level 9 Mar 29, 2023

I remember one of my sisters cats, which has since passed away, who was a little thing that weighed maybe only two pounds even though she was fully grown, took advantage when my niece left shiska-bob on the counter. It was funny watching her dragged a fully loaded skewer that was as long as she was. We didn't notice until she had made it more than 20 feet and into the living room.

The cat's name was Tabby. We also decided she had "Jedi powers" because we would watch her walk over to the front door and just stare at it, and within a minute somebody would come down stairs and let her outside, as if she just willed it to happen.


Nelson my brothers kitty tried that on my chicken leg. I was faster. That was 50 years ago.

FrayedBear Level 9 Mar 29, 2023

Cat & brother long dead. Thanks for the memory.


Sneaky kitty.


I got distracted once after taking a thick steak off the heat to cool on the kitchen counter. When I returned, both the steak and my dog were gone. What I couldn't believe was that she would wolf down whole a burning hot steak. In fact, it didn't sit well in her stomach and she wolfed it back up again. I was plenty angry but worried for her innards...

racocn8 Level 9 Mar 28, 2023

That cat might have some hella stinky poop in the next few hours.

The farts that precede that will be eyewatering and a warning I am guessing.


They know when they've dined on the spoils of others and when to run.

glennlab Level 10 Mar 28, 2023

She looks trustworthy to me.

Garban Level 8 Mar 28, 2023

Never trust a cat that eats your sauerkraut

@Appleriver Not a sauerkraut fan. She can have all of mine.πŸ˜‰

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